Jumbo Breakfast Hamper

You’ve got everything covered

Everything you need to keep a big group fed and watered, for breakfast lunch and tea. Including breakfast items, savoury snacks, sweet treats, and a selection of fruits, as well as those all-important basics we're prone to forgetting. Best of all, it’s delivered to your lodge for you.

Our Jumbo Family Hamper is perfect for big groups and families and includes everything you might need to get your break off to a great start.

• Branston Beans x 2
• Co-op Tomato Ketchup
• Olive Oil 250ml
• Welsh Brew Teabags 40s x 2
• Co-op Gold Blend Roast
• Sugar 500g
• McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives
• Co Op DS Orange & Pineapple Squash 750ml
• Coca Cola 1.5ltr x 2
• Kellogg’s Single Serve Cereal x 8 (Frosties x 3, Rice Krispies x 3, Coco Pops x 2)
• Hartley’s Strawberry Jam
• Free Range Eggs 6pk x 2
• Walkers Crisps Variety Pack 6 x 25g
• Toilet Roll 4pk
• Bananas x 2
• Large White Sliced Loaf x 2
• Apples x 8
• Pork Sausages 6pk x 2
• Unsmoked Bacon 220g x 2
• Welsh Butter 250g
• Semi Skimmed Milk 2ltr x 2
• Innocent Orange Juice 1.35ltr

Vegetarian substitutes are available.


  • All Ages
  • Adult required
  • January - December
Jumbo Breakfast Hamper selection of items
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Jumbo Breakfast Hamper items
Jumbo Breakfast Hamper - local eggs
Jumbo Breakfast Hamper
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