Winifred Goes Back to Roots to Celebrate 90th Birthday

Ninety-year-old Bristol great-grandmother Winifred Rowlands had a big 90th birthday surprise at the weekend when four generations of her family hosted a special party close to where she spent her honeymoon 67 years ago in Wales.

Known affectionately as Win, her family wanted to make her birthday that extra bit special and decided to take her back to where her late husband’s roots were and where family still live. And so they chose Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire.

Nearly 40 generational family members, including her children, grandchildren and great-grandchild turned up for the surprise party.

Win, from Frenchay in Bristol, said: “It was a complete surprise, but ever so nice to have everyone together, especially in this lovely part of Wales where many of my late husband’s family come from and still live and close to where I spent my honeymoon.”

Organised by daughter Marion, from Bradley Stoke, she said they were determined to make the day special and Bluestone was somewhere her mother enjoyed visiting for holidays.

“When we were thinking of how to celebrate her birthday we appreciated that mum’s best present was to be surrounded by her loved ones, and she does love Bluestone where we stay regularly,” said Marion.

“There aren’t too many places where four generations, including a 90-year-old and a lively seven-year-old, can holiday together and both have a really good time.”

Win was born in Bristol on the 4th February 1922 and has lived in the city all her life, including through the heavy bombing of the Second World War. But, according to her family, she remained positive throughout and says “we just got on with it.”

She met her husband Jack, from Carway near Llanelli after he started work in the aircraft industry in Bristol and met Win at a dance. They married in December 1944 and honeymooned at his parent’s home in West Wales.

Friends and family donated their clothing coupons to help provide the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses.

“Dad’s family became very important to mum and she became very close to them. West Wales has a very special place in her heart and that’s why we wanted to make her 90th birthday very special at Bluestone,” added Marion.

Win worked for more than 30 years at Frenchay Hospital in the Neurological Pathology Laboratory.

The couple had three daughters, but her husband died in 1986 and she lost her daughter, Mary, in 2003.

“It was so great to have four generations of the family together at Bluestone to celebrate such a special occasion.”

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