Sandtop Bay Beach

Sandtop Bay is one of the lovely sandy bays which make Caldey Island off Tenby such a desirable place to visit. This beach is accessible by taking a pleasure boat ride from Tenby across to Caldey Island.

Situated on the island’s western shore, Sandtop Bay looks out towards Lydstep and Old Castle Head with Stackpole Head and St Govans Head in the distance.

But, with all its visual beauty, Sandtop Bay has an ugly side. It is regarded by the locals as very dangerous for bathing, and some say they would not even paddle there without feeling insecure. The reason for this is that there is always a venturi effect in any sound, where the narrowing of the channel causes the currents to race and the projections of headland and island cause swirls and changes of direction, which make the waters unpredictable, especially at the turn of the tide.

At high tide, the flow round St Margaret’s Island, and through the fang-like rocks between it and Caldey, accelerate and collide with the heavier mass of sea rounding West Beacon Point from Carmarthen Bay. The contrary currents that scour Sandtop can whip someone out of the bay in a moment, and the steeply sloping shore creates a strong undertow - so beware bathers!

Point of interest  Finding Sandtop Bay Beach

  Compass Miles from Bluestone: 12 (to Tenby)
  Car Time to drive from Bluestone: 24 minutes
  Point of interest Nearest postcode: SA70 7LT
  Toilet Toilets available: Yes
  Car Parking available: Yes


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