The Pumpkin Lab

Ages   0 - 99
Paying adult required
1 hr Session
Cloud Theatre

This Bwbach season we’re bringing you a show blending spectacular science, live music and cirque with wholesome family fun and family interaction!

It’s time to enter the Pumpkin Lab where things bang, pop and fizzle as the lonely scientist scarecrow goes to elaborate lengths to perfect his latest experiment. Down in his lab, he's been cooking up a Bwbach surprise - a very special new friend. Things don’t always go to plan though, and he’ll need your help to keep everything from bubbling over and exploding!

Joined by a motley crew of scientific mishaps including Igor, the Ka-Booms, the Pumpkin people and the thieving Acrows, the Pumpkin Lab is a delicious mix of fun, mischief and surprises all the family can enjoy.

The essentials

What should I wear?

The Pumpkin Lab takes place in the Cloud Theatre, Serendome's outdoor Amphitheatre. While the roof does cover you from the rain, it has the feel of the outdoors so dress appropriately for the weather, especially in winter when it can get very chilly.


Guests will be seated in the ampitheatre style seating area on arrival. Children under two do not need to buy a ticket if they will be sitting on an adult's lap. They will only need a ticket if they want a space to sit.

If you have special seating requirements, please contact the Reservations Team on 01834 862 400 or


All children under 12 need to be accompanied. 12 - 16 require an adult in Serendome. 16+ can be unaccompanied.


No pushchairs are allowed into the theatre.

Loud production

The Pumpkin Lab contains loud bangs and music, please be aware when considering booking.


Please let us know if you have any wheelchair users or those with mobility issues, so we can reserve them a place.