Bamboo Massage

Ages   16+
50 mins Session
Well Spa
Massage using warmed bamboo canes

Warmed bamboo canes are used in combination with your therapist’s hands and natural oil suited to your needs to provide a unique sensory massage. The canes are rolled across the body with long, fluid strokes, it is similar to a deep tissue massage as the pressure is intense and is ideal for someone looking to relieve tension, especially in the back and shoulder area.

Massage is continued to the back of the legs and helps break down cellulite in the thigh area.



The essentials

Thermal Suite

The Thermal Suite is currently closed due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions.

Health and Safety Measures
  • Changing rooms and showers will not be in use, you will be taken directly to your personal treatment room where you will be able to change 
  • Spa thermal rooms, pool, and cafe remain closed 
  • Towels and robes will not be provided or needed 
  • Please bring your lodge key card with you and a mask
  • Please shower before your arrival at the Well Spa
  • Masks must be worn throughout the spa experience