DIBI Milano Skincare Masterclass

Ages   14+
30 mins Session
Well Spa

Always wondered what skin type you have or how to treat dryness or acne issues? Even to understand how you can slow down the facial effects of ageing? Then look no further than our DIBI Skincare Masterclass.

The unique, non-invasive technology looks deep underneath the surface layers of your skin. The skin analyser, powered by an iPad, captures high-resolution images that contribute to an in-depth report of your skin’s condition and how best you can look after it, especially if you have particular concerns around sensitivity, pigmentation, wrinkles or acne.

Once the pain-free machine has generated your completely personalised report, your therapist will then talk you through how you could improve your skincare routine. They will also advise you on any recommended DIBI Milano cosmeceutical facial treatments and products that are available at the Well Spa.

Need to Know

Supervision Policy

Minimum age 14 years and must be accompanied in the Spa by an adult and given written consent.