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The Cloud Theatre

Creativity and excitement run free at the Cloud Theatre, where we turn traditional story-telling on its head.

Bluestone has always loved finding new ways to entertain and under Serendome's magical roof, we've created a space for us to play, push the boundaries and challenge what you expect from a performance.


Outdoor Theatre With A Twist

Embracing the roots of performance - the Cloud Theatre is our magical open air amphitheatre, where you can enjoy spellbinding theatre in the great outdoors.

You'll be transported to new worlds, sing, dance and be immersed in the wonderful world of imagination - with only blue skies, clouds or stars above you.


Take Your Seat

The Cloud Theatre is protected from the rain by Serendome's giant, transparent roof, so we can enjoy outdoor theatre, all year round.

From the deepest winter to the height of summer - the show always goes on.


Fusing Tradition + Innovation

Seating up to 400, the state-of-the-art amphitheatre is equipped for anything - from acrobats flying through the air, to an elf orchestra singing festive tunes - you never know quite what to expect, or where you might go next.


Original and Unique

You won't be able to put any of our "shows" into a box, we'll be taking a bit from every performance medium to tell our stories in a brand new and exciting way.

Expect a visual feast that blends elements of cirque, animation, acrobatics, dance, music and song, with special effects,



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