Sky Walk

A unique experience like no other

SkyWalk is our multi-level, bespoke aerial adventure course in the incredible Serendome.

What's involved:

  • Designed for all levels of ability, the giant Sky Walk climbing frame is built over seven towers with 24 bespoke climbing stations spread across three levels. 

  • On your journey through SkyWalk you’ll tackle rope ladders, hanging discs, climbing walls, different moving elements, and even ride a bicycle 50ft in the air!

  • The 1.5-hour session includes a safety talk about how to navigate around the frame and get you fitted into your harness.

  • Once you’re set up, you’re free to roam the adventure course. 

  • You can skip activities and come back to them later or concentrate on your favourites. Choose the easiest path, start from the bottom or the top – it’s up to you.


  • Ages 8+
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Serendome
  • Adult required
  • January - December
Sky Walk With Instructor
Sky Walk Tightrope
Sky Walk Surfboard
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