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The Hive

The Home of Activity and Play


Welcome to Bluestone's newest centre for activity and play, The HIVE.

Filled with energy, excitement, and powering a thirst for knowledge and exploration, our aim is to provide a deeper connection and create a place to learn, understand, develop and grow through play! 




What To Expect

You will enter The HIVE via the Nucleus! The Nucleus is the central nerve centre for The HIVE, where you'll be able to get all the important information. From here make your way through to our new indoor play zone!




Wonder Park is the place to beWILDer and let your mind wonder! Your experiences here will trigger emotions, thoughts, and help you explore a deeper understanding of what and how you feel. 





Gravity Gliders: Adrenaline

Feel the fear and do it anyway! Why do we feel afraid? Where does adrenaline come from and what are the effects of releasing it? The Adrenaline lets you learn through experience as you glide around the track high above the Wonder Park.




Get a Grip: Power Tower

Set goals, climb higher at the Power Tower! A three-sided climbing wall, here you'll learn the benefits of climbing, strength, balance, and problem-solving. You'll be encouraged to set challenges, embrace your fears, and achieve more than you thought you were capable of!




Power Jump

The fourth side of the Power Tower, Power Jump is a test of nerve, trust, and strength! Will you have what it takes to take on the challenge?



Free Play Zones


The Play Towers

When you first enter Wonder Park you’ll encounter the Play Towers, five bespoke adventure elements designed to invigorate the senses. Here you'll be free to roam, touch, slide, and climb as you explore the different challenges.

The towers consist of a complex of interlinking towers with multiple slides, tubes, climbing nets, bridges, ladders, and tunnels. Make your way first to the main tower that leads to four different zones - the historic, modern, classic, and toddler zone. Each zone has been specifically designed to provoke a reaction, spark emotion, and most of all, create an area of play where freedom rules!

- Complimentary activity
- Suitable for ages three to 10




The Inflatable Arena: Airmaze

Harness the strength of your body to conquer the Airmaze our giant inflatable obstacle arena. Make your way through the maze where you’ll tackle an assortment of challenges using balance, strength, and agility to stay on your feet!

- Complimentary activity
- Suitable for ages three to 10




The Kineticage

Unleash the power of kinetic energy at the Kineticage a multi-court arena equipped for a range of ball games from football to basketball. Get your muscles pumping and mind racing as you battle to emerge the winner. Once the cage’s door is closed, the fight is on – who will be leaving as winners?

We’ll provide the balls and equipment you'll need and all you have to do is bring the energy and competitive spirit!

- Complimentary activity
- Suitable for all ages



 Where To Eat




Fuel the fun at the NRG Lab! A unique dining experience, where we'll be serving healthy fast food - all with a Bluestone twist. The ideal place to refuel between trips to Wonder Park, you can keep an eye on the fun from the mezzanine deck.

We'll be offering Breakfast and Lunch reservations when we open this summer*, so make sure you book a table soon!


The HIVE - The NRG Lab Breakfast Reservations
Restaurant Reservations
Book a table at The Hive's eatery


Why The HIVE?

We're so excited to unveil our new project and can't wait to welcome guests into The HIVE! Packed with the latest innovations, it will be a modern play zone where all ages and abilities can enjoy themselves. We wanted to create a place to engage and invigorate your mind and body, that's filled with activity, and there's nowhere that combines energy, innovation, and wonder more than a hive. Our aim is to provide a deeper connection where you can learn, understand, develop and grow through active play.

Mixing the wonder of science with play, THE HIVE will ignite your curiosity, challenge your mind and inspire you to see the world around you in new and exciting ways.




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**Pre-booking at The NRG Lab is essential due to COVID-19 regulations to find out more, visit our guest information page.