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Introducing our new home of ACTIVITY and PLAY


Opening on the 23rd of July 2021, welcome to Bluestone's newest centre for activity and play, The HIVE.

Filled with energy, excitement, and powering a thirst for knowledge and exploration, our aim is to provide a deeper connection and create a place to learn, understand, develop and grow through play! 




What To Expect

You will enter The HIVE via the Nucleus! The Nucleus is the central nerve centre for The HIVE, where you'll be able to get all the important information. From here make your way through to our new indoor play zone!




Wonder Park is the place to beWILDer and let your mind wonder! Your experiences here will trigger emotions, thoughts, and help you explore a deeper understanding of what and how you feel. 


The Five Elements

When you first enter Wonder Park you'll encounter our five bespoke adventure elements designed to invigorate the senses. Here you'll be free to roam, touch, slide, and climb as you explore the different challenges.

Each has been specifically designed to provoke a reaction, spark emotion, and most of all, create an area of play where freedom rules!



Gravity Gliders: Adrenaline

Feel the fear and do it anyway! Why do we feel afraid? Where does adrenaline come from and what are the effects of releasing it? The Adrenaline lets you learn through experience as you glide around the track high above the Wonder Park.



Get a Grip: Power Tower

Set goals, climb higher at the Power Tower! A four-sided climbing wall, here you'll learn the benefits of climbing, strength, balance, and problem-solving. You'll be encouraged to set challenges, embrace your fears, and achieve more than you thought you were capable of!



Let the Games Begin: Kineticage

Unleash the power of kinetic energy at the Kineticage, a sports arena where you'll learn about the types of muscle used when playing. Discover how to exert the power of your body through games and challenges and learn how to overcome whatever is holding you back - in both power and mind.



Jump for Joy: Airmaze

How high can you go? Leaping, jumping, tumbling, it all takes balance, coordination, and strength not to end up in a heap on the floor - unless you want to! Harness the strength of your body to soar into the air for an 'AIRmazing' experience!


Where To Eat



Fuel the fun at the NRG Lab! A unique dining experience, where we'll be serving healthy fast food - all with a Bluestone twist. The ideal place to refuel between trips to Wonder Park, you can keep an eye on the fun from the mezzanine deck.


A Bright Future


We're so excited to unveil our new project and can't wait to welcome guests into The HIVE! Packed with the latest innovations, it will be a modern play zone where all ages and abilities can enjoy themselves. 


Why The HIVE?

We wanted to create a place to engage and invigorate your mind and body, that's filled with activity, and there's nowhere that combines energy, innovation, and wonder more than a hive. Our aim is to provide a deeper connection where you can learn, understand, develop and grow through active play.

Mixing the wonder of science with play, THE HIVE will ignite your curiosity, challenge your mind and inspire you to see the world around you in new and exciting ways.



Just the Start!

All this will be opening on the 23rd of July 2021 for you to enjoy, but there will be more to come from The HIVE.

Stay tuned to our social media and newsletter for what our busy bees are working on and what you can look forward to.



Thank you, to YOU!

A big thank you to everyone for their support and understanding whilst the Adventure Centre was unavailable to guests. We are proud to have provided vital support to our local community and are excited to start this next chapter and welcome guests to The HIVE!


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