Bringing Outdoor Adventures, Indoors

Get ready to experience outdoor adventure whatever the weather. Serendome brings the thrill of the outdoors, indoors and gives our guests a new place to spark their imagination and inspire adventures. 

We can't wait for you to see what we have waiting for you under our magical, transparent roof.

Serendome Breaks

Enjoy the magic of the Serendome on a Summer weekend break, check availability now.

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Summer 2019 at Bluestone

The Serendome will be at the heart of Bluestone's unforgettable summer season. Find out what else you can experience in 2019!

New Activities

FOUR exciting new adventures for you to enjoy this summer

wacky racers

wacky racers

Together as a family you’ll race against the clock to put together and decorate your very own race kart. Once complete you’ll put it to the test against the other competitors in the Bluestone Grand Prix! 


star catcher

Reach for the stars on this exciting new activity! 

They will scale a 10 metre tall naturally grown tree, with the help of climbers which are secured by automatic belays. Suitable for 6+. 

sky walk


The impressive SkyWalk is built over 7 towers and features 24 climbing stations. With moving elements, including a bicycle, it’s a vertical adventure course like no other! 

skywalk mini

skywalk mini

You'll also find the Mini SkyWalk course tailored for young children, and a Wheelchair friendly course.

THREE new free play areas for families to enjoy!

water play


This landscaped area is sure to be a favourite with children and adults alike! 

Splash around; make up your own games and work together to enjoy this fun area of Serendome. 

sand play logo

sand play 2

Like Water Play, this is a free play area where children are encouraged to use their imagination to make their own Free Range Fun. 

There’ll be puzzles and interactive games with haul up sand buckets, movable features, and a designated sand play area for younger children.

imaginiation garden

imagination garden

It's the magic of the outdoors, under our beautiful transparent umbrella! The Imagination Garden will be full of exciting activities and areas to spark curiosity and creativity. 

Create their own games, build houses or whatever their imagination desires.

Cloud Theatre

Where Imagination Has No Age 

We’ve been listening to what our guests want and we’re excited to give you a place where we can push the boundaries of interaction, of spectacle and share in those family moments of WOW!  

The Cloud Theatre is a 400-seat, state of the art amphitheatre, where creativity and excitement run free and the bigger, the stranger, the wackier – the better!

kid with thumbs up serendome 

 Serendome Spectaculars

 Get ready to have your senses thrilled and imagination sparked at our new and ambitious productions, the Serendome Spectaculars. 

 Each season we’ll be bringing you a visual feast that blends elements of cirque, animation, acrobatics, dance, music and song, with special effects and, of course, audience participation. 

Taking the heart from our old shows, we’re going further than ever to bring unique and innovative entertainment to Bluestone, in a groundbreaking new venue, under the beautiful blue sky.

 Sounds pretty great right? 

 The Spectaculars will begin in November 2019 with Christmasland’s The Little Merelf and we can’t wait for you to experience the awe-inspiring antics we’ve got planned!

Food and Drink

Refresh, indulge and enjoy seasonal delights!

the terraces logo

Open daily 

9:00am - 10:30am Breakfast Rolls

11:30am - 5:30pm Main Menus

Enjoy Free Range dining from around the world at the Serendome's own street food court, The Terraces. This summer you can enjoy Mexican, Asian and Italian inspired dishes as well as classic burgers - delicious! 

Serving breakfast rolls, light lunches, snacks and main meals, the food court menus will be changing with the seasons, so there will always be something new to try. 

Gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options available.

the garden box

The Garden Box

Open daily  09:00am - 8:30pm

Stop between Sand Play and Water Play for refreshment at The Garden Box! Serving teas, coffees and delicious ice cream, it's the ideal place for a break between play! 

the bar

The Bar-O-Meter

Open daily 11:30am - 8:30pm

Cool down at the Serendome bar a 360° bar serving cocktails, beers and other refreshments.

Grab a drink and enjoy watching life under the dome!