Celtic Deep Offshore Expedition

Dive into Pembrokeshire’s marine life!

Explore the wild waters of Pembrokeshire like never before! A unique, up-close experience with the wildlife and wonders of the natural world that live below and above the waves of West Wales.

What's involved:

  • A full day out in deep open water, you’ll have a chance to meet and swim with the ocean’s apex predator.

  • You’ll get into the water and snorkel with these mega-creatures, to see them up close!

  • Open sea sharks including Threshers, Porbeagles, Basking Sharks and Blue Sharks are often around. We even see Blue Fin Tuna!

  • In early autumn, you may see Long finned pilot whales, Minkes, and even gigantic Fin Whales.

  • There’s even a chance to see Orcas or perhaps a mighty Humpback Whale.

  • The snorkelling is led by a qualified divemaster.

  • Our wildlife guides will help you identify sightings and give you tips on photography and snorkelling.

  • This is a low-impact trip, designed to get you close to nature while respecting it.

  • We can’t guarantee you’ll see all these animals, but we can promise a truly epic adventure.

  • You must be a confident swimmer able to swim at least 100m unassisted.

  • Lunch is included in your trip.

  • This is a full day trip; 10 hrs with travel time of 2 hours each way on a boat.


  • Ages 16+
  • 10 hours
  • Paying adult required
Celtic Deep Two Dolphins
Celtic Deep Snorkeling In The Sea
Celtic Deep Smiling Lady
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