Bluestone Launches Employee Wellbeing Programme

Bluestone National Park Resort has launched its first Employee Wellbeing Programme, which is available for all employees across the resort and encourages staff to take an interest in their personal wellbeing.

From exercise classes and nutritional guidance to mindfulness and mental health support, these are just a few of the aspects of wellbeing that staff will now be given the opportunity to take part in.

The two-day launch was held at the Resort’s Village Hall and all employees were invited. There were stands from local and national companies, including Healthaspire, Nikki Catto counseling, Insight Health Screening, Health Assured and Stop Smoking Wales, as well as representatives from the company’s sports teams and Health and Wellbeing advisor.

Speaking at the event Debbie Rainbow, Director of Human Resources and Health & Safety said, “The launch has been a great success, it’s fantastic to see that so many of the Bluestone Employees are interested in being part of our new Wellbeing Programme. I think the most important part of this launch is that each staff member can understand how to access information, advice, and support on all aspects of their wellbeing.”

As an employer, Bluestone takes the health, wellbeing, and engagement of its staff seriously. Debbie continued, ‘Many of us spend a significant amount of our waking hours in work, so the workplace is an important setting for promoting wellbeing and raising awareness about specific health concerns, and how to tackle them.  Bluestone is absolutely committed to taking good care of the 600 staff we employ, as well as promoting their recovery following periods of illness, which most people will experience at some stage in their working lives. 

Some of the employees have already signed up for the company’s sports teams in rugby and netball. The Bluestone Rugby Team has played four charity games across local sides and is looking forward to continuing their progress in the upcoming season. Shannon Whateley, Systems Support Manager, is a keen member of the netball team. “I love going to the netball club! It’s a fun way to exercise and meet new people from different departments. I look forward to going to netball every week and find it really easy to motivate myself to go, unlike a trip to the gym!”

As part of the new programme all employees will be entitled to a one-to-one meeting with Amanda Griffiths, Bluestone’s new Health and Wellbeing Advisor. “It’s great that employee wellness is so important to Bluestone, this new programme is a great incentive for staff to be a part of and gently encourages people to think about their own wellbeing,” said Amanda. “I’m really pleased to be part of it, and I’m looking forward to supporting everyone on their individual journeys!”

The Bluestone Wellbeing Programme is available to all members of staff, including new starters. There are currently vacancies in a number of departments across the resort, to find one that is perfect for you visit our careers section with all the latest information about vacancies, staff benefits, and support.