Bluestone Pay Equality 2019

As an employer with more than 250 staff, Bluestone are required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting. This involves calculating the difference between the average earnings of men and women who work at Bluestone.

The purpose of this legislation across the UK is to identify and eliminate any gender pay gaps where they exist. The 6 key figures of measure are:

  • the Mean gender pay gap (the average gender pay gap)
  • the Median gender pay gap (the ‘mid-point gender pay gap)
  • the Mean bonus gender pay gap;
  • the Median bonus gender pay gap;
  • the proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment; and the number of males and females in each quartile band.

Gender pay gap

The Office for National Statistics released data in October 2018, which confirmed that the UK median gender pay gap for all workers is currently at 17.9% in favour of males. At Bluestone we are pleased to report that our median gender pay gap figure is well below the national figure at 3.16% and is a further improvement on our 2017 figure. Our mean pay gap figure is 9.73%.


The proportion of men and women per earnings quartile

At Bluestone, we are proud that there is a fairly even representation of men and women within the higher paid positions in the company. In actual fact, the percentage favours women in all pay quartiles. This shows that Bluestone has succeeded in ensuring equal and fair pay for men and women across the business who carry out the same role regardless of their gender.


Bonus pay gap

Our housekeepers are now incentivised and rewarded for their excellent performance by means of a bonus. This bonus is based on a housekeeper performing to an exceptional standard over a set period. This new incentive, together with the high proportion of females within the department, has meant that the percentage of females receiving a bonus has increased from 4.9% to 29.5%. This scheme has also been the key reason for this year’s increase in our mean and median bonus pay gap within the business, as the figures are now inclusive of a high number of females receiving the nominal incentive based bonus.


Bluestone – Additional Information

Our largest department at Bluestone is our housekeeping team, which is filled with roles that are vital to the success of our business and include positions that are held predominantly by female staff. The housekeeping department makes up 45% of our total workforce, of whom 71% are female. At Bluestone, we have found that many females opt for these roles because it often allows them the flexibility they might need to manage family life and their roles as working mums.

Due to the nature of our business, these housekeeping roles are mainly based on 11-hour contracts; however, there are a number of full-time positions within the department. We pride ourselves on developing our staff, so there are many promotional routes staff can take within the company. These part-time roles do provide staff with the perfect starting step into a long term progressive career at Bluestone.

I can confirm that the data contained within this report is accurate.

Debbie Rainbow

Director of Human Resources and Health & Safety

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