Parkwise Scheme Helps Staff Promote Tourism

An innovative project to get tourism providers in Pembrokeshire more qualified to talk about the National Park and what it has to offer to visitors has recognised the efforts of its first participants.

Bluestone National Park Resort near Narberth has become the first tourism operator in the area to form a partnership with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority as part of its ParkWise scheme. It is believed to be one of the first initiatives of its kind in the UK.

The Authority’s Discovery Ranger Gayle Lister, who helped lead the training sessions said: “There are many parts of the site at Bluestone that can be used to illustrate wider habitats in other National Park locations - the feedback we had was very positive about the knowledge staff gained during the outdoor sessions and workshops.”

“The sessions were conceived and introduced by the National Park Authority’s Discovery team and we aimed to make them as interactive and hands-on as possible. 

“Staff from throughout Bluestone’s business - from  Guest Servies to Marketing and Administrators to housekeeping - took part in the training, with sessions adapted to their different services to guests.”

Staff who underwent the training plus a follow-on module will be awarded a specially produced badge reading ‘Ask me - I’m ParkWise’.

William McNamara, CEO of Bluestone National Park Resort said the partnership was a great way to ensure guests and visitors made the most of the spectacular Pembrokeshire countryside.

“The majority of our staff are local and already have a good understanding of the area, but by working with the National Park we can enhance that even further by ensuring key information and advice is passed on.

“We’re all about providing ‘Free Range’ fun and activities and this adds to that opportunity by providing greater information and advice on ways to explore the spectacular Pembrokeshire countryside.”

The training partnership will continue in the future with regular training being delivered to ensure new Bluestone staff will have the same standard of awareness and knowledge of the National Park as their more experienced colleagues.