Bluestone Hailed As An Innovative Great British Business

In 2018 Bluestone National Park Resort was chosen as one of just a handful of companies celebrated as a Great British Business in a campaign by the Daily Telegraph.

The honour combined with a documentary film featuring the resort, our founder William McNamara and other key members of the Bluestone family, who have helped make it the special and unique place it has become since opening in 2008. 


A One-of-a-Kind Place

Bluestone has always prided itself on being a place unlike any other. With an emphasis on unlocking the great outdoors, so as many as possible can enjoy the beauty, and adventure of Pembrokeshire, we've built a community with strong values and a purpose not just in the resort, but out in the local community too.


A Growing Business

For over a decade, we’ve been helping families bond, minds relax and bodies reenergise, working with people and companies across Pembrokeshire to deliver what we believe to be an unparalleled experience for our guests.

And in our 10th anniversary year, it was an honour to have the hard work that goes into creating that experience recognised in a new series of documentaries which showcase the UK’s most exciting growing businesses.


Lights, Camera, Action

We were delighted to be featured in the Great British Business campaign, highlighting success and innovation in a selection of companies handpicked by The Telegraph. In a short documentary presented by newsreader and TV presenter Natasha Kaplinsky, the campaign took a close look at the Bluestone story - featuring staff, guests, and our stunning resort.

Bluestone was singled out in the travel industry as a family-run luxury short break destination set in Britain’s only Coastal National Park, complete with award-winning beaches, historic towns and castles, and acres of ancient woodland.


Going Off-Line

The film explores how in a world where even our social lives are being moved online, Bluestone is very much an offline experience - an ideal that creates a unique experience for our visitors. We try to remind people there is a rich, exciting life beyond the screen - one in nature where children, families, and couples can thrive.

 “Children are growing up in a risk-averse society and an increasingly technologically connected environment,” says Liam Hewer, Bluestone’s own ‘Imagineer’.

“We set out to create a resort that focused on more ‘I can’ than ‘iPad’.”


A Word From William

Our Chief Executive and founder William McNamara said at the time: “We’re a luxury, short-break, all-weather holiday destination that connects families with the natural environment of Pembrokeshire.

“We complement that with more than 100 indoor and outdoor activities running all year round, our Blue Lagoon Water Park, Well Spa, and Adventure Centre.

“Our unofficial tag line is that we’re the holiday destination the weather can’t spoil.” Mr. McNamara highlights how Bluestone is keen to support Pembrokeshire and, most of all, its staff.

“Over the past 10 years, our supply chain has been worth £60m to local suppliers,” he said. “And the business itself is 30 percent owned by our employees, so they have a real investment in our success.”


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