The Man Behind The Magic Of Bluestone

Our aim at Bluestone is to provide precious holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s the first time your child zooms the flumes at the Blue Lagoon or the smiles on their face as they emerge from the forest singing with the Treehouse Troop – there’s magic in every moment.


Meet The Imagineer

Creating these magical moments doesn’t happen by accident – there are lots of us involved all led by our very own in-house ‘Imagineer’ – Liam Hewer. Liam works in a colourful office den where he turns our dreams into reality – whether it’s seasonal delights or unforgettable outdoor experiences - he’s our Free Range brain!

The Imagineer on resort with his family


Name: Liam

Department: The bubble of imagination (aka Creative Marketing)

How long have you worked at Bluestone? Since the beginning...


Get To Know: The Imagineer


What’s the best part of your job?

Being creative here is easy, there’s so much to be inspired by. However, walking around the park seeing the ideas come to life, and being enjoyed by families is a feeling you just can’t beat.

Favourite place to visit in Pembrokeshire?

It has to be the beaches; it’s hard to choose a favourite because each one offers something unique. However, Amroth holds a special connection because it’s where I somehow managed to convince the love of my life to say yes!


Favourite lodge/area to stay in?

My favourite is Bartholomew Rise, I love being around the lake with wildlife coming up to your back door and views of families on adventures from the Ranger HQ. My wife loves Preseli View, drawing back the curtains and looking out to the Preseli’s gives her a sense of calm with our busy little family. Our two girls Isla and Willow prefer Forest View as on our last stay they encountered a very cheeky squirrel in our garden. It’s a difficult choice!


Favourite place to eat on the resort?

Well having two children nothing quite beats actually being able to eat ourselves, so the Shindigs at Camp Smokey - now that’s an experience! No matter where you go you’re going to get some genuine Pembrokeshire proud service, that’s a guarantee!


Favourite Activity/Spa treatment?

Christmasland - it is just magical on the resort and there’s nothing quite like it! I only wish it was around when I was a child... although being the Peter Pan personality that I am it still brings the rush of excitement.

Having such a hyperactive imagination it’s really important to be able to refresh every once in a while, when I visit the Well Spa I’m always a little unsure about what to get or what I need but the team there are incredible and within moments I’m in treatment in bliss! 


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