Meet Kompan

Some of our most exciting partnerships are made in an effort to create our incredible activities and experiences and we've worked with different types of companies from across the world to make our visions for Bluestone come true.  Find out more about one company that has helped bring our vision for The Hive to life.


A new challenge


When creating The Hive, our new centre for activity and play, we searched high and low for the most imaginative, fun, and unique equipment to entertain our little VIP guests. 

Our search took us to Belgium where we found Kompan Commercial Systems, who teamed up with us to create our tower play area in the Wonder Park, the largest installation of its kind in the UK.


Kompan also designed the Bluestone Village playground


Getting to know Kompan

Kompan develops high-quality, fun and engaging playground, and fitness equipment for parks, playgrounds, and other outdoor areas.

A leader in their field, every year Kompan designs, develops, produces, and installs almost 500 playlands all over the world. Their purpose – which fully aligns with Bluestone’s ethos – is to help create healthier and happier communities.

The company strives hard to deliver the best play and fitness solutions and we caught up with Alexandre Reynaud, Deputy Managing Director, and Sylvain Delande, Key Account and Design Manager, to learn more about their business.


Tell us a little more about your company?

Kompan Commercial Systems' adventure was started in 1990 and has been developing the world’s best play equipment for more than 30 years! We design, develop, produce and install almost 500 playlands every year all over the world.

The Head Office is based in Seraing, Belgium and our multilingual team operate on an international level.


What are your Kompan's biggest achievements?

Our company's purpose is to help our customers to healthier and happier communities. So we strive hard to deliver the best play and fitness solutions. Outstanding performance – and most importantly lots of fun – on all parameters.


We are excited that you are working with us on The HIVE, but it’s not the first time you’ve worked with Bluestone is it?

No, we actually started to work with Bluestone five years ago with a great Robinia wooden outdoor playground, which we’re so pleased has been enjoyed by so many guests. 


What has been your experience of working with Bluestone?

Working with Bluestone on The HIVE has been a fantastic and unique experience, and also a challenge! The Bluestone team is very passionate, keeping in mind one main goal: offering the best play experience to their young guests!


What do you find most exciting about this project, and the partnership with Bluestone?

Optimising the attractivity, the play values, and the wow effect on a dedicated indoor area was a great adventure. We do hope - and honestly believe - that Bluestone’s guests will have the same level of fun playing on this project as we had to design, engineer, and produce it.

What does the future hold for Kompan?

We’re working hard to keep increasing our worldwide expansion in leisure, retail, and food and beverage markets offering the best play solutions. No doubt the Bluestone project will inspire many other play areas around the world!


Thanks so much Alexandre and Sylvain. We really enjoyed speaking to you – and can’t wait to see the play equipment in situ in The Hive!


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