Bwbach Festival

September 2nd to November 3rd 2019

The resort will be invaded by a troupe of friendly scarecrows as we celebrate the most bewitching time of the year. Celebrate the harvest and learn age old traditions at our Bwbach workshops before taking your seat at our (not so scary) Scarecrow Dinner Show.

As Halloween approaches you might notice ghost and ghoulish happenings on resort as we countdown to our Halloween Spooktacular and we finish the season with the beautiful and dramatic burning of the Bwbach on the lake. Don't want to miss out? Book your break now.

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Bwbach Workshops 

Unleash your creative side at our Bwbach craft workshops this Autumn. The crafts might sound complicated, but with our step-by-step guidance and just a pinch of imagination, you will end up with a Bwbach Masterpiece! 

Enchanted Garden: Corn Doll Creation** 

Using traditional methods that have been used in the countryside for generations, you can create your very own Corn Doll and an enchanted garden for it to stand in. You will learn new skills and weaving techniques, as well as work with natural Autumn materials like clay, sticks, moss, leaves, pine cones and other wonders found in the forest. 


Half Term Break Only: Pumpkin Racers 

Create your very own Pumpkin Racer ready for the Great Bwbach race! 


Equipped with four wheels, your personalised pumpkin and a steep slope, it truly will be a sight to behold. Whether you make it to the finish line or you’re squashed on the way, we’re sure to seed out the best racers by the end.

Willow Weaving: Bwbach Basket 

Inspired by the woodland fairies that live in the Bluestone forest, you can learn how to craft your very own magical Bwbach Basket. Perfect for carrying Autumn treats and showing off in the Bwbach Parade, the baskets are decorated from materials forged in our forest. During the workshop you'll become experts in the technique of willow weaving - you might even surprise yourself by how good you really are. 

autumn baskets

Woody Wild: Pumpkin Lantern

Bwbach is the time ghost and ghouls come out to play and you'll fit right into the Halloween spirit with your own Paper Pumpkin Lantern. Let your imagination run wild as you design your own lantern, that will be fitted with a battery operated light to help it glow. It will be as beautiful as is it scary!

Remember to book before you arrive to avoid disappointment! 

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The (Not So Scary) Scarecrow Dinner Show 

Enjoy a night at the Wild Wood restaurant and experience a heart warming harvest like no other. Make friends with the loveable but lonely scarecrow, who has been abandoned in the forest and wishes one day to make a friend. When a feathered friends arrives a heart-warming story of friendship, love and support begins. Can the scarecrow nurse the crow back to health in time for them to rejoin their family? With songs and games from the pumpkin people, there’s fun for the whole family in this interactive dinner show. 

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The Bwbach Bash Logo

The Bwbach Bash

Join us every Thursday and Sunday in Serendome for Free Range Fun at the Big Bwbach Bash as we get in the spirit of the season with a range of complimentary activities.

We like to get the pary started early at Bluestone with the Bwbach fun beginning at 1:30pm with entertainment, crafts, fun and games that all guests are welcome to enjoy!


13:30 Puppet Parade             

Follow our giant scarecrow around Serendome as we kick-off the fun with our Free Rangers. We'll be circling the whole of the Dome before setting up the Bwbach fun on the Green, next to Water Play - there may even be a song or two.

14:00 Bubble Party

Who could turn down an invite to a bubble party? Watch them float, dance and pop in the air as you dance along to the music.

14:30 Leaf Crowns

The perfect activity for Autumn, with help from our Free Rangers you can create a colourful crown straight from the forest - perfect to wear in the Bwbach Parade. 


15:00 Jingle Sticks

Time to make some noise with this musical craft! It's the ideal creativity session for little fingers will come away with their own unique music maker. 

15:00 – 16:00 Giant Garden Games

It's Garden Games on a whole new scale! 

15:00 – 15:30 Meet the Mascots

Meet some of Bluestone’s most beloved characters in the Dome, where there will be singing, dancing and lots of fun!


The fun in the Dome will draw to an end at 4pm, but remember to take your creations along to the Bwbach Parade and Festival!

Bwbach Parade and Festival

The Bwbach Parade and Festival is having a change for 2019 and for the first time will be in a brand new location - Serendome!

Switching to the dome means the festivities can go on undistrurbed by bad weather and even more people can join in the fun! We'll also be welcoming a local band, who will be playing throughout the evening, to join us in the festival. 

The location might have changed, but the entertainment, activities and happy atmopshere of the festival will stay the same! 

Here's what you've got to look forward to.

The Parade

6:30PM Adventure Centre

Led by our incredible 11ft Puppet Scarecrow, the Pumpkin Parade is a ghoulish extravaganza celebrating all things that go bump in the night. All guests are invited to join the drummers and bring along the jingle sticks and crafts made during your break. 

After gathering outside the Adventure Centre, we'll be marching to Serendome and do a lap of the huge area, to give a chance for everyone to join in with the fun.

Bwbach Festival  

6:30pm - 8:45pm Serendome

Once inside Serendome, the band will start and the fun will really begin!

With the band playing, our Free Rangers will be helping everyone get in the party spirit, dancing with the little ones, playing garden games and entertaining them with pop-up surprises. Even if you're not one to get up on the dancefloor, you can still have fun! 

Choose a comfy seat, grab a drink from the Bar-O-Meter and enjoy the live music.

The Lighting Of The Bwbach 

The Bwbach Festival ends with a bang on Sunday 3rd November with the electrifying Lighting Of The Bwbach. 

Celebrating the end of the season, with 11ft Bwbach will float in the centre of the lake where against the backdrop of the illuminated forest it will creating a vivid and striking visual against the Autumn night sky. 

The magical spectacular with pyrotechnics and fireworks is a special celebration that brings the season to a thrilling end. Free for all guests, ask during your visit for timings of when the ceremony will begin - you don't want to miss out!

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