Bwbach Festival

September 4th to November 1st 2020

The resort will be invaded by a troupe of friendly scarecrows as we celebrate the most bewitching time of the year. Celebrate the harvest and learn age old traditions at our Bwbach workshop before taking your seat at the Bwbach Spectacular - The Pumpkin Lab.

As Halloween approaches you might notice ghost and ghoulish happenings on resort as we celebrate the spooky season before finishing with the beautiful and dramatic burning of the Bwbach on the lake. Don't want to miss out? Book your break now.

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Serendome Spectacular: The Pumpkin Lab

This Bwbach we’re bringing you a show blending spectacular science, live music and cirque with wholesome family fun and audience interaction. It’s time to enter the Pumpkin Lab where things bang, pop and fizzle as the lonely scientist scarecrow goes to elaborate lengths to perfect his latest experiment. Down in his lab, the scientist has been cooking up a Bwbach surprise - a very special new friend. 

Things don’t always go to plan though, and he’ll need your help to keep everything from bubbling over and exploding! Joined by a motley crew of scientific mishaps including Igor, the Ka-Booms, the Pumpkin people and the thieving Acrows, the Pumpkin Lab is a delicious mix of fun, mischief and surprises all the family can enjoy.

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bwbach festival 2020

Seasonal Workshop

Join our friendly scarecrows for a time old carving tradition with a special twist, why only carve a pumpkin when the harvest season provides so many magical delights?! 

Select your Frightening Fruit or Violent Veg and create a little scare of your own to take home. 

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 (Adult supervision essential to carving session, each creation provided with a tea light.)

Bwbach Parade and Festival

Complimentary, All Ages

Serendome, Thursday and Sunday

The Parade

Led by our incredible 11ft Puppet Scarecrow, the Pumpkin Parade is a ghoulish extravaganza celebrating all things that go bump in the night. All guests are invited to join the drummers and bring along the jingle sticks and crafts made during your break. 

After gathering outside the Adventure Centre, we'll be marching to Serendome and do a lap of the huge area, to give a chance for everyone to join in with the fun.

Bwbach Festival  

Once inside Serendome, the band will start and the fun will really begin!

With the band playing, our Free Rangers will be helping everyone get in the party spirit, dancing with the little ones, playing garden games and entertaining them with pop-up surprises. Even if you're not one to get up on the dancefloor, you can still have fun! 

Choose a comfy seat, grab a drink from the Bar-O-Meter and enjoy the live music.

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