Myths and Legends' Serendome Spectacular

Stonehenge has captivated imaginations for thousands of years and now you can enjoy the legend behind the world-famous Neolithic monument in our exhilarating Spectacular - HENGE. Discover the secrets of the mystical bluestones and follow them on their journey from the wild Preseli hills of Pembrokeshire to their new home thousands of miles away.

In collaboration with NoFit State Circus, HENGE is a powerful fusion of dance and circus that pushes the limits of both art forms as we celebrate the legend of the bluestones. With its daring physicality, split-second timing and thrilling feats, it will captivate audiences and leave them breathless. You’ll marvel at the skills of the Neolithic stone draggers and become immersed in the tale behind one of the ancient wonders of the world.

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Enjoy This Spring

H E N G E will take over from Winter Lights' S T A R C H I T E C T S from March 27th and will be available on all breaks until May 31st 2020, so make sure you’ve booked your seat at a performance for the ages. 

cloud theatre

The performance takes place in Serendome's Cloud Theatre, is our outdoor amphitheatre under Serendome's transparent roof and while you will be protected from most of the elements, it will feel like you're outdoors. Please remember to wrap-up warm for the performances and bring blankets to snuggle up under!