Activities with no grown-ups allowed!

The first (and only) rule about our unaccompanied children’s activities is that there are strictly no adults allowed!

Don’t worry, they’ll be in safe hands with our fabulous team of Free Rangers so that you’ll have peace of mind to relax and unwind yourselves. Use the time well because they’ll have hours of stories to tell about their adventures when you return to collect them!


Nature Art

A perfect mix of craft and adventure for 4-7-year-olds! Create a photo frame from woodland treasures to display your special holiday memories when you get home.

Forage for your favourite leaves as we’ll be making leafy pets, forest masks, and creating colourful creations with wax rubbings.

Before you leave, paint your own story stone with your favourite memory of your Bluestone break. Take it home with you, or leave it on the resort in a special place for someone else to discover!