Fantastic beasts and where to find them at Bluestone

In honour of the Fantastic Beasts films, we’ve created our own tale of Fantastic Beasts and how they come to life during our Winter Lights Festival....

Merlin the Wizard (“Myrddin” in his native welsh language) has just returned from his wizarding world-wide excursion to capture a selection of magical creatures who are on the endangered magical and mythical species list.

Merlin’s mission is to hide these valuable creatures within “plain sight” - in a magical place that’s disguised within the mortal realm – a quiet, peaceful place where the beasts will be safe and their numbers flourish. Merlin creates the enchanted Winter Lights at Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire, and there he hides:

Faerie Ouchmouse

A shy nocturnal creature that is easily distinguishable by its defensive quills and power to turn invisible. Commonly kept by fairies for defence against dark wizards and mean mortals.


Feathered beings that vary in colour, shape and size, often found near water. Lucks are emphatic creatures who seek out kind wizards to bless with their special gift of luck.

Pembrokeshire Peace Bees

Small flying beasts; they are striped in appearance and live in large colonies. They are known for making the wizarding world’s sweetest honey – just one drop will turn the grumpiest of wizards into a sweetheart for at least 3 days.


Ancestors of the common fairy - their delicate appearance often causes their phenomenal power to be underestimated. Named after their ability to make hearts flutter; flutterflies spread the most powerful feeling of all - love - wherever they go.

Hocus Croakus

Greenish-brown amphibians with the power to clone themselves at an alarming rate. They often appear around spring when they use their powers to control the lake.

Light Foradger

A large nocturnal creature identifiable by its striped face. Unlike distant mortal relatives - Light Foradgers have exceptionally good eyesight which helps them to collect light from the stars and moon, to power the Winter Lights.

Racer Rabbits

Grey fluffy-furred beings; Racer Rabbits can move so fast that they appear just a blur to the untrained, mortal eye. For this reason, Racer Rabbits are often used to pass secret messages between Wizards.

Y Ddraig Cymraeg

A common creature found in Wales, though usually remains hidden from mortals. Will use its powers of fire and flight to protect all who dwell in its realm.

Fast forward to the present day and Merlin’s creatures have flourished in the beautiful National Park Resort - all thanks to a very special spell which makes them appear as ordinary mortal animals....but now of course, you’ll know the truth!

The upcoming season of Winter Lights requires you to use your imagination. Explore the enchantment of our illuminated Nature Trail, feel Merlin’s magic in the air and come up with your own story to explain the spellbinding things you see.