Introducing Torch The Dragon

Ever felt the “Torch” of magic that’s in the air at Bluestone? Could it be the Fairies who live along our Nature Trail or maybe those mischievous Elves who appear around Christmas time?

Both would be very good guesses but no, not even all of our Fairies, Hobbits, Giants, Trolls and Elves combined are powerful enough to create that amount of magic! No...The only creature that is magical enough is a D-D-DRAGON!!! Torch Meet Torch (don’t worry he’s a very friendly Dragon).

Torch is the Guardian of Pembrokeshire who watches over everyone at Bluestone, keeping them safe and ensuring that their hearts are filled with love and adventure as they explore our beautiful National Park. Some say that on odd mornings, you can stand at Bluestone’s Standing Stone and see a Dragon’s Breath touching the top of the Presli Hills.

That’s just Torch waking up for the day, reminding us that he’s still here looking after us. Hey, do you know what Dragons and our guests have in common?

They both LOVE ADVENTURES (why else do you think Dragon’s have wings?!). Torch can join your family adventures because he’s available to purchase from the Adventure Centre or our village toy shop, the Emporium.

All we ask is that you take great care of Torch like he’ll take care of you and that you keep us updated on your adventures together by posting pictures using #TorchAdventures We can’t wait to see what you and your Torch get up to!