Solved: The Mystery Of The Bluestone Towel

Books, clothing, teddies - usually when a guest contacts us about lost property, it’s because they’ve left something behind.

But our Guest Services team were a little surprised when they opened the following email, which suggested something far more serious was afoot.

It read:

Last week we came for a lovely holiday,
in a beautiful village in a Caldey chalet.
We swam and we sang and we played every day,
and visited Elftopia after a ride in a sleigh.
But after a long journey we arrived home,
I realised we took something away from Bluestone.
Shock! Horror!! We’d done something foul!
We’d brought back contraband - a Bluestone tea-towel!
I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! It was just a mistake,
I will send it back - guilt gives me a headache!
I’ve washed it, I’ve dried it, I even ironed it too,
I’m praying you won’t ban us and that you won’t sue.
So I’m sorry Bluestone, please accept my apology,
I mean it with all my heart and with complete sincerity.
And while I’m here, thank you for the best time,
I hope you forgive us and that you enjoyed this rhyme.

But the email wasn’t the end of it. Our creative guest was given a little surprise of her own when she received the following response from Guest Services:

A Bluestone thief! A Christmas sinner!
Our tea-towel stockpile did look somewhat thinner.
Your Lodge was cleaned by Elf Dusty Mop,
frantically searching from bottom to top.
And as little Dusty paused for his tea,
he sat and he pondered just where it could be... Perhaps it’s a cape tied off with a bow,
Flapping in the wind off the Tea Towel Hero?!
Perhaps now it’s magic and used in a trick,
making rabbits appear with a swoosh and a flick.
Perhaps with origami it’s been turned to a plane,
and its soaring through the sky- destination Spain.
We’ve queried with Santa what action to take,
our Elves have assured him it’s an honest mistake.
That a wonderful family, such as yourselves,
we would love to have back and are missed by our Elves.
Just like our little tea towel that you’ve handled with care,
we will always do our best when you come visit here.
To your family, it’s been our pleasure,
your rhyme brought us joy and that we do treasure.
Until next time you visit - we hope it’s not far!
Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda!

On behalf of Bluestone, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Rachel for making our day with her poem and to our Guest Services team who continue to surprise and delight our guests!