Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark discovers Bluestone

We were delighted to welcome Radio One DJ Chris Stark to sunny Pembrokeshire for a break from London life at Bluestone. He gave us a sneak peak at his holiday diary and let us in on what he got up to while escaping for a few days.


Escaping to Pembrokeshire


I’ve been to Pembrokeshire for some DJ spots but then I’d turn up late and leave even later, so I’ve never had a chance to see it properly before. It’s totally not what I expected in the best possible way, we wanted to go somewhere that we could just chill out and I’d heard about this place from a friend so we thought we’d give it a go.

It’s so the opposite of where I live and it’s just been great from the second we arrived. Everyone says hello as you walk around, it’s a really special place. I’ve never been on a holiday like this before, I know they’re really popular but I didn’t know what to expect. Our lodge by the lake is just so chilled and peaceful, in the evening it’s been nice to go to the Tafarn and have a little drink, we just love it and we don’t really want to go!


Upside Down Living


We’re staying in Bartholomew Rise and I couldn’t help but think at first that we were staying in a little hidden corner of the resort but then I drove around on our Golf Buggy, which for me is just awesome in itself, and everywhere is the same. We’ve been right across the park exploring and it feels that everywhere is well set up and secluded, it’s peaceful if you want it to be, but there are places for fun and games too. I’d love to come out here with more of my family for a big get together, I think it would be perfect for that.

Our lodge is really cool; it’s a Ramsey so all the bedrooms are downstairs and the living space is upstairs. We thought we’d have dinner here overlooking the lake last night... so I risked cooking! Everything I needed was in the kitchen ready, it‘s really well set up and as someone who is a complete novice to this kind of holiday, it’s great.

Before we turned up we had done a big supermarket shop. When we got here and walked around the resort we found the shop and wondered why we had bothered in the first place! It is a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. I thought we would have to bring loads with us, but next time I won’t load the car up half as much. Also everywhere is close by, I guess it helps having a Golf Buggy but everyone seems to have one.

The other thing I really like is the carless environment; it’s the opposite of where we live, so to be able to be somewhere where everyone is riding around on golf buggies or cycling is really cool. If you’ve got kids I’m sure this would be awesome, the fact that it’s so safe with no cars around must be the best thing ever as a parent.


Embracing Activities


We’ve booked in for loads of activities; to be honest I think I overdid it a bit! We could have booked less so that we could have had more time exploring the park and the nature trail, that said all the activities that we have done have been really fun. There’s a great buzz from the staff they don’t seem tired or bored that there are a lot of people here on holiday and I’m sure it’s always this busy.

I went for a massage yesterday and it was the best massage I’ve had in ages. I’m not sure what the official term for it is but I had a full body massage. It was so relaxing a great experience and everyone at The Well Spa was lovely.

I don’t fully understand how Bluestone has achieved it but we’ve just come and switched off. It’s been a busy couple of years for me, I love my job, but it is important to just switch off and relax a bit. It’s the most relaxed that I’ve been in a very long time and I think that’s a real testament to this place and I wish we were staying longer.

It’s amazing that the resort is so close to us too. It was a 3-4 hour drive from home but really that’s nothing by the time you’ve waited at an airport, you’ve been delayed, got on a plane and rented a car!

The Verdict On Bluestone


There’s amazing stuff for families, amazing stuff for couples it’s the right mix, not too child heavy and not too adult-focused I think it’s pretty much spot on.

We’re only here for four days, and I have already completely forgotten what day it is. I forgot that we were having this chat because I’ve been so chilled out. It wouldn’t necessarily have been what I had looked at without my friend’s recommendation, but now that I have been I can’t wait to come again!