Radio DJ Scott Mills escapes to Bluestone

Busy week presenting to millions on the radio? Check. DJ gig in Cwmbran in front of thousands? Check. Weekend away in Pembrokeshire relaxing with the Bluestone crew at the end of it? Check.

We caught up with BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills while he squeezed in a weekend of blissful chill-out time with his partner Sam Vaughan at Bluestone as the perfect remedy to non-stop London life.

We hear you’ve have had a busy couple of days! How has your break been so far?

Yes, I had a really busy day yesterday! I worked in London, did a DJ gig in Cwmbran and then headed down to Pembrokeshire. Even though it was late when we arrived, the check-in guys were waiting for us and we had a really warm Welsh welcome.

We went straight to bed and I feel so chilled already!

What are your plans for your weekend?

We’re planning on having a really chilled weekend, we’ve got two spa treatments booked for this afternoon and then tomorrow we’re sampling the Seaweed Bath! We have been looking at the treatments again today as it was a while ago that we booked them and it just looks amazing.

It feels like we’re going to be in there for hours today but that’s fine by me! I’m not going to want to go back, so we’ll just get Radio 1 to move down here I’m sure that’ll be fine.

We’re booked in for dinner tonight at the Farmhouse Grill, which I’m looking forward to. I’ve got to be good but we looked at the menu earlier and the desserts look very tempting. I’ll have to run up the hill a couple of times first or maybe I’ll have a kid’s portion! Sam’s already had cake for Breakfast in Ty Coffi, because ‘he’s on holiday’… it’s a bit like Christmas Day!

How are you finding the resort?

We went for a walk earlier to find our way around as it was dark when we arrived. I’m doing this fitness programme at the moment, which this place looks ideal for, I’ve got to do so many steps a day and I’ve lost two stone already. So I’m going to go for a run around later and see what I can find. I might head out along the nature trail and see what I can find. I’m trying to do between 15 and 20,000 steps a day. In London it’s not too bad, I walk most places now, I walked from work to home the other day which is a good two hours. There are more hills here though!

The accommodation is really nice, we’re right in the centre of the village. I didn’t realise that we could cook here if we wanted to, everything we need is here which is great. You have your own house which is really cool, rather than just one room like if we had stayed in a hotel. It feels much more homely, so I felt instantly relaxed.

I’m from the Southampton area so sometimes I’ll take my mum away for a weekend but the difference is that at Bluestone, you have all the different things to do here. There’s lots of stuff to do on site whereas other places that I go, it’s really nice but there’s not anything other than the hotel.

What do you like most about Pembrokeshire?

It’s our first time at Bluestone but we have been to Pembrokeshire before. We went to Saundersfoot and it was freeze your face off cold, we walked across the beach and it was really relaxing. I just think that this side of Wales is completely to different to where I live and where I have lived for such a long time.

After a busy week, you can come down here for a couple of days and go back to London feeling completely refreshed and renewed. I don’t have the stuff that was on my mind for the last week it’s already gone, so that must be a good thing. You can just come and switch off and I really like it.

It’s such a different pace of life here. A lot of people who live in London don’t get stressed by it but it can be a bit much sometimes. You’re trying to get the tube at 8am with everyone else, here everyone says hello to you, and they’re very friendly where as in London lots of people have tunnel vision, they have to be here by this time and no one really talks to you. At first that’s a bit odd and you think why is everyone talking to me and then you just realise they’re just friendly. I like it, and the area is just beautiful too.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice so we’re going to try and get out and explore. We might head for St David’s and look at Newgale beach along the way.

  • Scott Mills stayed in one of our one bedroom cottages for his weekend break. We have a whole range of treatments on offer at the Well Spa Retreat