Pembrokeshire - Off the Beaten Track

Here in Pembrokeshire, there are many well-loved, and well-travelled destinations to see and explore on a visit to our fair county. But, delving deeper and taking a step off the beaten track will reveal even more natural beauty, and ancient history sitting right beneath our noses.

The Green Bridge of Wales

Distance from Bluestone - 18.8 miles

Off Pembrokeshire’s south coast overlooking Wash Bay, structural marvels of nature stand against the surf. The towering arch of the Green Bridge of Wales juts out from the coast. Carved into the limestone cliffs by crashing waves and sweeping tide, the Green Bridge almost seems impossible in its majesty, and is testament to the power of the natural world. Formed over millennia via coastal erosion, the Green Bridge was formed as the sea carved caverns into the coast. Eventually, these caverns met and opened out into the archway we see today.


St. Govan's Chapel

Distance from Bluestone - 18.7 miles

Nestled into the cliff side on the south coast of Pembrokeshire, St Govan's is a 5th century chapel found at the bottom of a long flight of steps carved into the stone.
Unless you knew of its existence, it would be easy to miss this hidden gem. It only becomes visible when you are at the cliff edge looking down for it and the steep stairwell leading down would put off most visitors. According to legend it was built by Govan, a hermit, which would fit with its remote and hidden location along the coast.
Perhaps because of this, little is known about Govan or the original building that existed on the site, which would have been a wood structure. The current stone building dates back to the 13th century and is located near an ancient well, which would have provided a supply of fresh water for its inhabitants and was believed to have had healing qualities, though it has now run dry.




Witch’s Cauldron, Moylegrove

Distance from Bluestone - 29.9 miles

Mysterious and magical, the Witch’s Cauldron is the stuff of fairy tales. A collapsed cave with water that glows green in the sunlight, the Cauldron is a must visit for those intrepid enough to do so. Reaching the Witch’s Cauldron is an adventure. The waters can only be accessed via sea kayak; however, you can still enjoy the views by taking a half hour walk along the coast path from Ceibwr Bay.

If you are braving the waters though beware, legends say the sea-witch still lives here and has a keen eye on anyone who ventures in alone…




Preseli Hills – Ancient Stones

Distance from Bluestone - 15.9 miles

The most well-trodden track over the Preseli Hills is the Golden Road. However, amongst the rolling peaks and troughs of the hills ancient mystery is housed. Found at Carn Menyn, Carn Goedog, Carn Breseb and other sites throughout the hills is the source of the bluestones that were used in the construction of Stonehenge, some 150 miles away. The history and mystery of how these Neolithic builders transported and assembled these stones begin in the Preseli Hill’s.




Secluded Waterfalls

Distance from Bluestone - Gwaun Waterfall 20. 6 miles. Ffynone Waterfall 24.3 miles

Away from the impressive spectacle of the Pembrokeshire coast, calmer waters meander and fall through the lush countryside. Under the watchful gaze of the Preseli’s, the Gwaun Valley Waterfall rests. A short, scenic and well sign-posted walk starting at Tregynon Farm ends with a magical waterfall sat in perfect seclusion. For a woodland jaunt, the Ffynone Waterfall in the woods of the same name near the village of Newchapel offers unique and mesmerising scenery. Wellies are recommended for what can be a muddy trek!




Newton North Church – Holy Well

Bluestone’s own land retains its secrets and mystery. One of which is that of the holy spring that once flowed through the land the resort is built upon. To see where this tale begins, you’ll head to the ruins of the 12th century Newton North Church. From here a spring bubbles up, who’s flow can be followed through resort before it meets the Eastern Cleddau. In medieval times, this site would have been a place of pilgrimage for those seeking healing and restoration. A legacy that we honour to this day at the Well Spa.


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