Meet the Team Behind the Cloud Theatre

When our Serendome opened its doors in 2019, there was one team at Bluestone National Park Resort who were particularly excited - the Entertainers! Not only would the spectacular dome, cover new activities for Free Range Fun, it would also introduce an Amphitheatre to our resort, one with all the bells and whistles we’d need to give our own shows, the stage they were born to play on!


From the spark of an idea, through the creative process right to performances on the Cloud Theatre stage, our Entertainers work hard to bring you fantastic, original shows that are unlike anything you've seen anywhere else! When they're not on stage performing themselves, they're busy working behind the scenes to make sure every performance is perfect, and thinking about what we can do next! So, without further ado, we’re proud to introduce three of the team who make these events possible. 

Meet Louise!

Production Manager, 11 Years at Bluestone


Look out for Louise on your visit!

What’s your role at the Cloud Theatre? 

I am the Production Manager and my job involves making the shows happen, from liaising with set designers, casting directors, sourcing theatre companies we may want to work with, through to choosing the fabrics the costume makers are going to use. I work very closely with the creative team, as well as the production side, I am the middle woman that puts all of the pieces together.


What’s your favourite thing about your job? 

I love all aspects of my job, but the best thing is sitting alongside the audience when a show is on the stage and watching the guests enjoy the end result. I love to watch their reactions and see the children connecting with the characters on stage, laughing and singing along.  It amazing to see them making memories they will keep forever and knowing we’ve had a special part to play in that.

What a place to work!


What’s your favourite thing about the Cloud Theatre? 

I love how unique it is. It is an outside venue but you can’t get wet. Also, I love the passion and love of theatre from our team which makes it a really special place to work.


Which show would you most like to see if you could go anywhere in the world to watch it? 

Any live theatre would be good! I would love to see Dear Evan Hansen on stage but if I could go back in time, I would watch Wicked (again) but with Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenowith as Elphaba and Glinda.


Meet Liam! 

Imagineer, 10 years at Bluestone


What does your role involve?

I have the privilege of being an Imagineer here at Bluestone. My mission is to innovate, dream and create experiences providing magical moments and inspired memories for our guests. From writing scripts, designing shows, inventing wacky activities to pretty much anything creative, I’m always looking at ways to ensure our guests' investment of time becomes quality. 


What’s the process behind creating the shows at Bluestone?

Our Cloud Theatre is a special place and it deserves special performances. We always dare to be different, and we want to offer our guests a unique style of theatre, with Bluestone’s quirk at the heart. The resort experience changes with each season and our shows are designed with that journey in mind, to be the crown jewel of the adventure. Every show is imagineered with the ‘Bluestone feel’ which means participative immersion, emotive storytelling, magical moments, the importance of play and heritage all sit at the heart of each tale. 


What are you most looking forward to coming to life on stage from your scripts?

I can’t wait to see live performances back on our stage! But I’m most looking forward to unleashing the Pumpkin Lab for Bwbach. These shows are going to excite the inner child in anyone with lots of interaction and audience participation, live bands with all-singing, dancing, larger than life sets, costumes and characters. If I’m completely honest I also can’t wait to be sat in the audience feeling the reactions. When I’m surrounded by families cwtched up, watching them smile lovingly enjoying time together and knowing we’ve facilitated that- that’s the real magic.


Liam enjoying the Cloud Theatre with his family


What’s your favourite thing experience with your family at the Serendome?

Serendome has so much to offer, it’s quite hard to pick a favourite thing so I’ll pick a favourite feeling. As I mentioned slightly in my last answer, I enjoy that 'moment' with my own family too. When I’m sat with my wife and we see our children laugh, shout, sing and dance along. When we forget our jobs and shake off our ‘grown up’ mindsets and we just get swept away in the moment. That’s why I do what I do.


Why is the Cloud Theatre such a special place?

It’s not like any other theatre I know. Not only because it’s an outdoor amphitheatre experience that’s completely sheltered, but it’s a place where nobody is told to sit still and be quiet! We’ve come a long way from a stage in the restaurant to our quaint village hall and now this- we’ve kept the heart and the Bluestone feel and we cannot wait to share the stage with you again very soon!  


Meet Jack!

Production, 9 years at Bluestone



What does your role involve? 

My role is overseeing the day-to-day running of all productions in the theatre and everything runs smoothly. This includes looking after the cast, making sure they go out on their cues, anything technical in the theatre, maintenance and working with contractors on installing future productions. 

What’s it like working with the Entertainments team to put on these amazing shows?

The entertainments team are fantastic and so fun to work with! There’s never a day that’s the same! 


What are you most looking forward to in the coming shows? 

Being able to have an audience back and being able to show something quite spectacular! 


What’s your favourite season at Bluestone?

It’s usually summer however, last Christmas changed my mind with all the snow and lights. 


What was the inspiration for the Cloud Theatre?

Nine years ago, the entertainments team didn’t exist and over my time here, everything has developed and got bigger each time. We created an entertainments team, then the dinner shows, then the shows in the village hall and then the theatre just seemed like the next stage. 


Thanks to Liam, Jack, and Louise for taking time out to speak to us, we can't wait to see what they create next!



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