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The Summer Festival

Join us as we celebrate the sunny season with our very own Summer Festival.

From 16th July to 2nd September 2021 you can enjoy a new range of themed activities, menus at our restaurants, and extra special summer events, all helping to make your break unforgettable.




Summer Festival Journey 2021

This year's Summer Festival will be a celebration of the elements that make up the natural world - Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.

All activities and entertainment will be inspired by these four elements in different ways and will come together to form an inspiring summer experience!




All life springs and thrives from the earth, it’s the foundation of life itself. It provides us with the grounding we all need, as well as feeding us for the chance to thrive.

Our earth activities will let you wander into the wild and embrace the beauty of nature. As well as rebalancing mind and body, you'll be able to let loose and embrace the outdoors.




Fire represents creation, destruction, and transformation – three things we’ll be embracing at our Summer Festival.

Our Fire activities and entertainment will focus on creativity, passion, excitement, and a chance to spark a fire inside everyone. Whether that's dancing at Camp Smokey or learning to build your own fire at our bushcraft sessions.




The element that connects us all, the air is the breath of life! Air symbolises the mind, wisdom, and soul and our activities will be inspired to uplift and celebrate the freedom it gives us. Whether that’s physically flying through the trees, or harnessing the power of the air to reach further than ever before.




We all have a powerful connection to water, both physically and emotionally. Our Water activities are inspired by the many forms of water in our lives from calming lakes to invigorating oceans.



Just a little more time

We're so excited to reveal what we've got planned, but we're going to need you to wait a little longer before we confirm all the activities and entertainment.

Details about individual sessions will be revealed shortly, but what we can confirm is that there will be something for all ages and interests, as we bring that festival feeling to Bluestone!



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