Your Magical Midweek at the Winter Lights Festival!

Welcome to your midweek Winter Lights break! Fanciful fun and mischievous magic await you and your family as you discover the spellbinding spectacle of the Winter Lights and their creator, the magnificent Mr Wonder! Here's what could be in store as you embark on an illuminated adventure at the Winter Lights Festival:


Monday - Arrival

As you arrive at the resort, you'll be greeted by evidence of Mr Wonder's misbehaving magic! The tree line twinkles whilst the arrivals building is lit up with all the colours of the rainbow. After getting settled into your lodge, a walk around the resort reveals sparkling lights and curious creations, building the excitement for the week ahead!  


Tuesday - Wonder Workshop

The sun rises, and your first full day at the Winter Lights Festival awaits! After a hearty breakfast at the NRG Lab located in The HIVE, it's time to head downstairs for your first magical experience. The HIVE has been transformed by one of Mr Wonder's wayward spells into the Wonder Park, and here through the Wonder Workshop’s special set of doors, is a secret hideaway called…the IMAGINARIUM! Here you'll meet with the lovely Mrs Wonder, where children will be encouraged to get inventive as they design and build their toys. Next, they'll work together to unlock a secret door to the Wonder Tank, where Mrs Wonder will delight them with the interactive tale of the fantastic Mr Wonder! Remember that this activity is FREE when you book a midweek* Winter Lights break!  

*Excludes arrivals on 13th and 20th February 2023. 

The Wonder Workshop - Bluestone Wales


Wednesday - The Wonder Wood Illuminated Light Trail

On your second full day at the Winter Lights Festival, it's time to visit the home of Mr Wonder himself, the Wonder Wood Illuminated Light Trail around our magical lake. Wander through the wonder of the enchanted trail around the beautiful lake, where you'll embark on a journey filled with magic and mischief. Explore the weird and wonderful, marvel at the incredible light creations, and enjoy all the oddities and enchanting accidents, including the Light Maze, Wonder Pods, and Rainbow Bridge over the lake. Mr Wonder has brought to life not just the trees but also those who live in the wood. Make sure to look out for the curious creatures as you explore! 



Thursday - Silly Circus Show at the Cloud Theatre

Today is the day! You're on your way to meet Mr Wonder himself! After a morning fuelling up on treats in Ty Coffi, you're all set to visit the Cloud Theatre to witness the wonder of the Silly Circus Show! Mr Wonder invites you to be a part of the interactive spectacle as the wacky wizard seeks to pull off his most daring trick yet! Little ones will be invited on stage to show off their secret skills and terrific talents as they become one of the "Wondermals", helping Mr Wonder deliver the most spectacular show! 

Mr. Wonder's Silly Circus


Friday – We'll see you soon!

What a week it's been! Filled with sparkling lights and wonderous magic, the Winter Lights Festival has been an illuminated extravaganza for the whole family. And whilst this trip has ended, don't worry; the Winter Lights never truly fade, and will be returning again next year for even more fun! So long for now, and we can't wait to see you again soon! 


Book your midweek Winter Lights break for January and spend some well-deserved time with your loved ones after a busy festive period!