Buccaneer Bootcamp

All Ages
Adult required
1 hr Session

Avast me hearty’s, adventure awaits at the Buccaneer Bootcamp!

Black Bart is recruiting a crew to takeover the Serendome, and you look like pirate material! Sign up with the captain’s motley mates, Scully and Bones, to join Black Bart’s merry band of buccaneers.

Now you’ll learn what it is to be a swashbuckler on the high seas. With a pirate makeover, a lesson in sea shanties, and the chance to make and then learn how to use your own cardboard cutlass! Once you’re a fully-fledged pirate, it’s time to do what pirates do best, hunt for treasure!

So, it’s time to raise the mast and set sail, as you become a Bluestone Buccaneer at the Myths and Legends Festival!


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