Sugarloaf Sweet Treats Platter

Your break is the perfect time to spoil yourself with the Sweet Treats Platter, filled with irresistible cakes, pastries, and baked goods. All homemade by our friends at Sugarloaf Deli & Bakery, you can enjoy treats including a trio of doughnuts, sweet croissants, and their mouthwatering custard slice. 

Based in Milford Haven, Sugarloaf offers artisan bread and baked goods and has designed the platter, especially for Bluestone. 

Each platter contains: 

A trio of doughnuts, Traybake slices, Cake slices, Chocolate dipped croissants, Cinnamon buns, Scone, Brownies, Fresh Fruit, Finger Doughnuts, Clotted Cream, Custard Slices, Nutella Pot, Butter, Chocolate Eclairs and Macarons.

Items may be substituted due to availability.