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Serendome is subject to modifications and health and safety measures in line with Welsh Government guidance, to keep guests and staff safe and secure. View the details of how it will work.

We promise you've never seen anything like Serendome before.

Under a giant transparent roof, we've created a world of imagination, adventure, and wonder. A magical blend that makes for hours of fun and entertainment.


Action Packed

We've filled our beautiful dome with unique adventure activities - what will you try?

Sky Walk

A multi-level, bespoke aerial adventure course with 7 towers, 24 challenges and hours of fun!


Sky Walk Mini (Ages 3- 8)

There's even a mini version hidden at the bottom of Sky Walk, so those with little legs don't miss out.


Wacky Racers (4+)

Zooming passed the SkyWalk is the Wacky Racers track. A traditional Soap Box Derby, with a Bluestone twist.


Star Catcher (Ages 6+)

An indoor tree climb where you race to the top to catch the star and ring the bell.



Play in the Dome

Down on the ground, we've got free play areas where the fun is never boxed in. Make as much mess as you want, it's perfect for children of all ages.

Water Play
Splish, splash, splosh...
Sand Play
Let your imagination run wild in the...



Fuel the Imagination

The home of mind-bending spectaculars and unique performance art, at the centre of the dome you'll find the Cloud Theatre. A state-of-the-art performance venue, it's an indoor amphitheatre where the magical world of make-believe is brought to life.


The Cloud Theatre
Where imagination has no limit


Refresh and Indulge

Escape on a taste trip around the world at Serendome's own street food court, The Terraces. Enjoy Mexican, Asian, and Italian inspired dishes as well as classic burgers - delicious!


The Terraces
Street food from around the world
The Garden Box
Time for a pit stop
The Bar-O-Meter
360 degrees of fun