Double Kayaking

Double the fun!

Double kayaks allow you to enjoy our tranquil lake as a duo. It’s a great way to include younger people, or anyone who can’t manage a single kayak by themself.

What's involved:

  • This is the perfect way to bring you all together in an activity that everyone can enjoy!

  • You'll receive tuition from our friendly team of experienced instructors. They will make the session safe, informative and of course, fun!

  • Takes place on our lake, surrounded by beautiful scenery and banks bursting with wildlife 

  • Single Kayaks are also available for those who want to go it alone 

  • Please only book one kayak for two people. If you select two people, you will be charged for two double kayaks (four people).


  • Ages 6+
  • 1 hour
  • The Lake
  • Paying adult required
  • March - September
Getting Ready To Double Kayak
Two Double Kayaks
Kid's Getting Ready To Kayak
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