Santa’s Lodge

A magical experience with Santa Claus himself

Sat comfortably amongst the trees, Santa’s Lodge waits to welcome you inside! Through the cabin’s doors, you’ll be greeted by all the comforts of Christmas, with Santa Claus sat cosy in his chair, ready to share all the festive joy.

Settle in for a personal and magical experience with Father Christmas with all the traditional trimmings, and, if you’ve been very good this year, a present of your very own to take away with you.

What’s involved:

  • A 15 minute session with Santa Claus includes travel to and from Santa's Lodge, and ten minutes of quality time with Santa

  • Max of 5 guests per session


  • All Ages
  • 15 minutes
  • Serendome
  • Adult required
  • During Kingdom of the Elves 2024
Father Christmas Meeting Children
Father Christmas With Toys
Jolly Ginger Christmas Tree Decoration
Serendome At Christmas
Christmas Toys
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