DIBI Milano Skincare Masterclass

Scientific skin analysis and professional advice

Our therapists will use non-invasive technology to get an in-depth picture of your skin. They will then give you expert advice on how to tailor your skincare routine and address any particular concerns.

What's involved:

  • This is for you if you’ve wondered what skin type you have, if your skin has changed, or you have concerns such as pigmentation, wrinkles, or acne

  • Our DIBI Skincare Masterclass uses unique, non-invasive technology to look deep underneath the surface layers of your skin

  • The skin analyser captures high-resolution images for an in-depth personalised report. Your therapist will then talk you through ways to treat your skin concerns

  • They will also advise you on any recommended DIBI Milano cosmeceutical facial treatments and products that are available at the Well Spa

  • You will be able to redeem your £30 for this treatment against two or more DIBI Milano products

  • For the full spa experience, we recommend using The Thermal Suite before your treatment to prepare the skin, muscles, and mind (available at an additional cost). 


  • Ages 16+
  • 30 minutes
  • The Well Spa
  • Adult required
  • January - December
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