As we head towards a new season, Bluestone National Park Resort has revealed the novel ways it will transform into ‘Christmasland’ by using none other than “rubbish” to sprinkle its festive magic across the resort.

Festive displays will adorn the resort from 6 November – but unbeknown to guests, these are built from damaged or unwanted materials like drainage pipe offcuts, lampshades, drum kits, pool noodles and broken slides.

For the past six months, the dedicated Bluestone team has been refurbishing and painting old Christmas decorations to give them a new lease of life. Waste items from guests have been repurposed to form structures for wreaths and garlands, while second-hand baubles have been reused as part of the resort’s commitment to a circular economy model to reduce landfill waste.

Taking the lead on the transformation is Bluestone’s production manager on duty Alison Harris. Since May, she has been on a quest to unearth hidden gems to begin the festive transition. She said: “The Christmasland transformation is our favourite time of the year. Witnessing the joy on our guests’ faces as they walk into the resort is truly priceless."

“Every year, we embrace the spirit of recycling and reusing by repurposing our festive displays – and you’d be amazed at what can be achieved with an old drum kit, pre-loved baubles, a fresh lick of paint and a sprinkle of creativity."

“We start by reimagining the decorations that we already have by sprucing them up with paint or reworking them into new displays in our warehouse. This year, we’ve transformed a broken slide from The HIVE into something totally different. There’s always another purpose for things and it’s fulfilling to turn what some might consider ‘rubbish’ into something magical for guests to enjoy."

"We’re particularly excited to decorate Black Pool Mill, our new heritage dining experience, this year. It marks the inaugural Christmas transformation for the building, and we've created elegant decorations that perfectly complement its Georgian charm."

On Sunday 5 November, Bluestone will undergo an overnight transformation for the festive season. The all-weather, undercover adventure area, Serendome, will transform into the ‘Snow Globe’, and the Blue Lagoon indoor water park will become the ‘Elf Lagoon Swimming Pool’. In addition, the resort will be decorated to create an enchanting and immersive holiday experience for all.

Every year during the festive period in the UK, there is approximately three million tonnes of extra plastic waste. But while Wales retains its title as the best nation for recycling in Britain and the third best in the world, Bluestone is hoping to inspire more people to preserve the magic of the season by upcycling their unwanted items.

Director of Sustainability for Bluestone, Marten Lewis, said: “Ensuring the most responsible outcome for waste at every opportunity is an aim for us at Bluestone. From turning used nappies into pathways, to using pool noodles to form our Christmas wreaths, we continuously seek innovative ways to adopt sustainable practices across all aspects of our operations by embracing the principles of a circular economy.

“The resort's recycled Christmas decorations offer a visual reminder that sustainability is both achievable and charming. This season, we aim to help create lasting memories for our guests through these spectacular displays, all while leaving a positive imprint on the environment. And who knows, perhaps we'll inspire some of our guests to breathe new life into their ‘rubbish’ as well.”

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