Serendome a UK first

Bluestone National Park Resort today announces the opening date for its £7 million Serendome a groundbreaking ‘giant umbrella’.

William McNamara CEO and Founder of Bluestone said: ‘This is the first of its kind in the UK which will create an additional 55 jobs and boost the local economy by more than £21m over 10 years.”

Opening July 19th, 2019, Serendome brings the outdoors indoors. The 7,000sqm area beneath the dome, measuring 116m long, 77m wide, and 22m high, encompasses a massive playground for Free Range Fun for Bluestone’s guests. The Welsh word ‘Seren’ translates to ‘Star’ in English and the Serendome name reflects the feeling of limitless opportunity for discovery and adventure when you step into the extraordinary space.

Serendome will be a hub for entertainment and at its heart will boast a 400-seat Amphitheatre, a new live music and performance venue in a unique setting. Serendome will include exciting new activities for guests including the impressive SkyWalk - a vertical adventure course like no other, built over seven towers and featuring 24 climbing stations.

With challenging moving elements, including a bicycle, the SkyWalk also includes a Mini SkyWalk for young children and an all-weather accessible course. There will also be a series of Free Play areas designed to spark the imagination of children and adults alike.

William McNamara added: “Our biggest challenge has been to create a structure this size that isn’t actually a building. When you are under the dome, it is an extraordinary place and like nothing else, anyone has created before. Serendome is a huge investment for us and underlines our commitment to Welsh tourism. It will prove to be another exciting draw for the thousands of visitors who stay with us and experience Pembrokeshire every year.

The build, which started in March 2018, has involved a number of contractors overseen by the Bluestone Projects team. The umbrella itself is made from EFTE, a unique material used in some of the world’s most ambitious architectural projects.

Liz Weedon, Head of Projects at Bluestone said: “More than 300 people have been involved in the building of the Serendome, from the architect to the bricklayers – each playing a vital role in this innovative and extraordinary structure.

Roger Casey Associates Limited, Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers, said: “It’s been exciting working on such a unique project and great to have had the opportunity to work alongside other local companies.”

William McNamara added: ”It has been a great privilege to have worked with many multi-talented individuals and more exciting features and activities inside the Serendome will be revealed in the coming weeks – stay tuned to Bluestone’s social media pages to find out more, our Bluestone guests are in for a real treat.


Bluestone National Park Resort is a 500-acre holiday destination in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales.

With over 344 accommodation units, the family-focused resort promotes an ethos of Free Range Fun, bringing nature and adventure within the reach of children.

Serendome Summer Weekend Breaks start from £599.

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