Bluestone Pembrokeshire - Welsh Language Policy

Bluestone is proud of its Welsh origins and identity, and seeks to promote the Welsh culture and Welsh language through its activities, as far as is practicable and consistent with our resources, abilities and business needs.

In order to promote the Welsh language and culture as far as possible within the current business context, our policy is as follows:

2.1.  Where practicable, signage visible to visitors will be either bilingual (English/Welsh) or graphic (i.e. involving symbols and not words).

2.2.  We will participate in the Iaith Gwaith (Working Welsh) badge scheme, where Welsh-speaking staff will wear a badge to indicate that they are fluent in Welsh, and staff who are learning Welsh will wear a badge with the Dwi’n Dysgu Cymraeg (“I’m learning Welsh”) logo.

2.3.  Wherever possible, we will promote Welsh culture to visitors, including visible use of the language where appropriate, local dishes in the restaurant, Welsh based characters in the shows and so on.

2.4.  Produce for the various dining facilities and restaurants within the site will be locally-sourced wherever possible, and this will be advertised on menus and publicity material.

2.5.  Although the language used for all written communication within the business will be English, there shall be no restriction in the use of Welsh by staff.


Our Welsh Language Policy for Ynys Mon will be formulated in conjunction with the Welsh Language Board once funding is in place.