Schools and Communities

At Bluestone, we've worked hard to build links within the Pembrokeshire community and that's especially strong when it comes to youth services and schools.


Recent Projects


Portfield School


One of our latest projects is working with Portfield School, an all-age (3 to 19) local authority maintained Special School serving the needs of over 150 pupils presenting with a wide range of learning needs.

These encompass, severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning needs along with complex needs including autistic spectrum condition (ASC), associated behavioural issues, sensory impairment, and speech and language disorders.

Bluestone Ranger Rob Mackeen semi prepares 25 bird boxes per annum for pupils to build and decorate. Pupils learn about how to best situate the boxes in relation to prevailing weather, types of surrounding habitat, and heights from the ground. The pupils visit the resort's woods land to help Ranger Rob to put up and number the boxes.

Photos and data are fed back to the school for them to use in database studies and on projects on conservation. 


Bluestone Foundation


The Bluestone Foundation is Bluestone's own charitable trust that works with causes and organisation within Pembrokeshire to support those most in need. 

Find out more about its work and fundraising projects here.



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