Our foremost aim is to make sure that when you come to Bluestone, you leave with memories to cherish.

At Bluestone our aim is to educate our staff and guests in a sustainable and environmentally-responsible way.

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We recognise our main areas of impact to be; energy consumption, resource consumption, waste generation, enhancement and protection of the natural environment and transport of staff and guests. 

We make every effort to encourage our guests and staff to recycle and have improved from a rate of 44.7 in 2013 to 48.4 in 2014.  

Our most recent initiative for staff has been to educate in how we can reduce our impact on the environment - through a competition and a quiz!

Each outlet on the resort is now battling to reduce their energy usage by more than the other, which albeit fun is also making a considerable improvement to our overall energy consumption.  


Each member of staff has also been given the chance to enter our 'Think Green, Win Big' quiz to win vouchers for learning about how we can help the environment both at work and at home. 

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