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How To Keep Your Family Active This Winter

Staying active is essential for your physical and mental health, especially when it comes to children, but it’s not always easy to do in the colder months.

Enjoying time outdoors is simple in the spring and summer, but as winter comes around and the hats and scarves come out of the cupboard, it becomes much harder and we inevitably find ourselves confined inside glued to our devices.

At Bluestone we love getting out in the fresh air and countryside all year round, and, while families might spend their time outdoors during a break, we know it’s not as easy to follow the Free Range ethos once you return home.

Time to explore?

Here are five tips to keep you and your family from reaching for their electronic devices this winter:


1. Cycling

Take advantage of crisp mornings and get out on two wheels. You don’t have to go far before warming up and with more cycle paths popping up across the UK; it’s never been easier to cycle as a family. Just make sure you layer up before heading outside and don’t forget your helmets!


2. Get Back To Nature

At Bluestone, we love foraging, sourcing many of the materials for our craft workshops from the forest on the resort. While you might not have access to as much of the countryside as we do, you may be surprised how much you can find in parks or green areas. Collecting fallen leaves for a nature collage or sticks to take home for a craft activity means you’re getting outside, breathing the fresh air, and learning about the wildlife near your home.

The beach isn't just for summer


3. Try A New Hobby

It might not feel like it, but winter gives us the opportunity to try new and exciting activities that you may not have wanted to do during the summer. Try an activity that usually takes place indoors like squash or martial arts and you might discover a new hobby for life.


4. Gardening

If you’ve never been green-fingered then why not start this winter? Tending to borders and attempting to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables are a great way to work up a sweat and is something all ages are able to join in with. Even if you don’t have a garden or green space, a window box or indoor plants are an ideal way to get children interested in the natural world around them. Even if you don’t end up actually succeeding in your attempts to grow something, you can always try again!


5. Get Creative

Keep your brain ticking over by getting crafty and making something with your children. Whether it’s painting, baking, or building models, getting busy with your hands ensures your mind stays fresh and lets you give your imagination a chance to flourish. Challenge your children to put on a play, and keep them entertained creating the costume and, coming up with the story will keep them entertained and they’ll soon put their devices away.

Remember, you can do all this and more during a break to Bluestone - so if you need some Winter activity inspiration visit us during January, February, and March!