Autumn Sea Sports in Pembrokeshire

There’s no better time for a dip in the ocean or some adventure on the waves in Pembrokeshire than in the autumn. Full of warmth after being bathed in the summer sun, Pembrokeshire’s waters are primed for swims, surfs and more. With quieter beaches and paths, it’s the perfect time for those who prefer a little more room to explore. Discover some of the best ways you can enjoy Pembrokeshire’s waters below:


Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming has seen a boom in popularity in recent years, as intrepid swimmers have returned to nature and its waters. Hailed as a life tonic, observed benefits of wild swimming include mood boosting and stress relieving effects on swimmers’ mental health, as well as being great exercise and aiding in relieving inflammation. A great way to experience nature, Bluestone has a number of spots from the secret to the spectacular for you to dive into.

Discover some of our favourite Wild Swimming spots, here:



Coasteering is ideal for adrenaline seekers looking for more of a challenge when experiencing the water. The activity invented right here in Pembrokeshire, as a new way to explore the rugged beauty of the county’s coastline, coasteering combines a number of elements to create an all-action ocean experience. Climbing, diving, swimming, and scrambling are all on the cards in this exciting expedition out onto Pembrokeshire’s coast and seas.

Book your break now and experience coasteering and more with us here at Bluestone on our Pembrokeshire Coast Adventure day trips running until October 20th 2022.



With summer behind us, the beaches and waves are quieter without the heat of the sun from on high. That’s doesn’t mean the surf is any worse or the water any less warm though. In fact, it’s the perfect time to get out onto the waves, with more beach, more sea, and more freedom to be enjoyed at your own pace. With over 50 beaches to explore, 10 of which have been awarded Blue Flag Status, Pembrokeshire offers everything from calm waters for beginners to strong surf for experienced wave riders.

Explore Pembrokeshire’s beaches and find your perfect surf spot here:



Westerly winds flowing from the Atlantic make the autumn the perfect time to take to sea and air whilst windsurfing. Beginner’s will need plenty of space to manoeuvre and practice, so the quieter months during the autumn leave you with plenty of room to hone your skills on the wide golden expanses of Pembrokeshire’s beaches.

Where to try it?

Newgale Beach (17 miles from Bluestone) offers plenty of space with good windy conditions.



The length and breadth of Pembrokeshire’s coastline, with rugged coves, creeks, and caves makes for exciting exploring for those looking to get the wind in their sails and take to the seas. Sheltered harbours and waterways make for perfect starting points, with centres at Dale, Milford and Neyland offering tuition, RYA courses and boat trips for beginners.

Where to try it?

Head down to the Milford Haven Waterfront (16.7 miles from Bluestone) to get started on your sailing journey.



Pembrokeshire’s clear waters are perfect for delving into to discover the secrets beneath the waves. A dive into the water around Pembrokeshire’s islands during the autumn will reveal inquisitive Atlantic grey seals which arrive at Skomer Island during the fall months to pup their young. Further out into the blue depths, more denizens of the deep can be found. Mega marine life from Threshers and Blue Sharks as well as the rare Mako, to Long finned and Minke Whales patrol the waters.

Book your break now and take part in a Celtic Deep Offshore Expedition with Bluestone, running until October 5th, and explore the ocean deep for yourself!




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