Pembroke Castle

Perched above a serene millpond, Pembroke Castle is an imposing and spellbinding sight. Superbly preserved and beautifully kept, the oval castle is the biggest in Pembrokeshire and one of the best examples of a Norman fortress in the whole of the UK.

Explore The Grounds


The namesake for Pembrokeshire, it was the central power in the region for centuries, so it's not surprising the castle is still pretty daunting and when you pass through the magnificent gatehouse, it’s hard not to be impressed by the sight that meets you.

The Giant Keep

The interior grounds are dominated by the 80ft stone keep and high battlements that were once used to defend the castle. Thankfully the final battles were fought long ago and now the only ones in the medieval dungeons these days are visitors. Open all year round it is one of the best kept in Wales, and beautifully displays what life has been like in the region through its 1000-year history. Once inside the castle there are free guided tours (there is an entrance fee) that takes you up on an adventure up and down spiral staircases, towers and battlements.
Pembroke Castle, Main Gate
Henry VII, Tudor King
Pembroke Castle keep and inner wall

Fit for a King

The castle’s main claim to fame is as the birthplace of one of the UK’s most famous kings, Henry VII and during the tour you can visit the room where he was believed to have been born in 1457.
The first in the Tudor dynasty, he was the father of Henry VIII and the grandfather of Elizabeth I – who together ruled over some of the most important years in British history.
The free tours run daily and are packed with interesting details about the castle as well as some funny anecdotes and tales that really bring the castle’s past to life.

Battlements and Dungeons

You can climb to the top of the Keep and while it’s a bit of a trek, the views out over the surrounding countryside are beautiful and well worth the climb. Another treat is Wogan’s Cavern, a large subterranean cave under the castle that you can access via a spiral staircase. Pembroke Castle runs several events throughout the year including it’s Christmas Market, which is well worth a visit. Make sure to check what’s going on when you visit.

Getting There

Distance from Bluestone: 20-minutes/12 miles
Location: The castle is within the Pembroke town centre and doesn’t have it’s own dedicated car park, but don’t worry there’s plenty of places to park within walking distance.
Parking: The closest is the South Quay Car Park (SA71 4NR), directly adjacent to the castle and next to the mill pond. If that’s full try The Lower Common Play Park (SA71 4EB)
There are a few short stay carparks, signposted off the main roads but be aware that Pembroke town centre has a one-way system.


The millpond that surrounds most of the castle has a circular walk around the outside and is a great addition to your day.  From Pembroke you are in an easy distance of the south coast and three of it’s best beaches - Barafundle Bay, Broad Haven South and Freshwater West.