The Best Places to Catch an Autumn Sunset in Pembrokeshire

With low sun basking the gold and orange countryside in its glow, and dazzling gleams reflecting off blue and emerald waters, watching the sunset in Pembrokeshire during the autumn is a truly magical experience.

As the nights slowly draw in, the sight of the setting sun illuminating the trees, hills, cliffs, and sands that are awash with autumn colour, is a special sight. Whether that’s for sharing with the ones you love, or simply for yourself as you look to connect with nature.

With the shortening of the days, the sun’s descent will move from the north-west back to west, before heading south-west for the winter months. That mean’s spots on Pembrokeshire’s north and west coasts will offer the most striking visuals when the sun goes down over the autumn. Thankfully, with 186-miles to explore via the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, there’s plenty of options for you to seek out that golden hour glow.

Read on to discover some of the best spots to take in an autumn sunset in Pembrokeshire:

Strumble Head

Distance from Bluestone: 26.9 miles

Located in north-western Pembrokeshire at the Pencaer Peninsula (it’s not actually a peninsula…don’t tell anyone), Strumble Head is flanked by sea on two sides and by a line of low hills on the other that sweep along the coast. The focal point of Strumble Head is the strikingly white lighthouse that stands watch on a small island just off the coast.

Now automated, the stark white of the lighthouse and its beam create contrast between the gold and orange hue’s cast by the setting sun. Looking like a scene straight out of a movie, settle down on one of the overlooking hills and watch the sun come down on Strumble Head.



Carn Llidi & Whitesands

Distance from Bluestone: 32.2 miles

The rocky outcrop that overlooks Whitesands Bay, Carn Llidi holds many ancient secrets. Standing at 594 feet, at the top, you can see views of Ramsey Island to the west, Strumble Head to the north, and – on a clear and crisp autumn day – across the channel to our Celtic brothers in Ireland, for a glimpse at the Wicklow Mountains.

Sitting on the north-western tip of Pembrokeshire’s coastline, Carn Llidi offers panoramic views of the county and coast as well as the sea and it’s horizon, made even more spectacular by the golden glow of sunset.

Down onto the sands of Whitesands Bay, a spacious beach with plenty of room for families and groups to relax makes for a more intimate spot closer to the water to watch the sun come down on the sparkling surf.



Blue Lagoon - Abereiddy

Distance from Bluestone: 27.3 miles

Heading northwards from Whitesands Bay and you’ll find Abereiddy and the Blue Lagoon.

An abandoned slate quarry, the Blue Lagoon is a testament to nature reclaiming man-made structures. With smooth waters coloured emerald by the surrounding slate, the Blue Lagoon is a stunning spot to settle down on the cliff tops that look over the lagoon and the horizon beyond.

During the autumn, it’s not just a popular spot for sunset seekers, but also seals who have travelled to Pembrokeshire to pup their young can sometimes be found relaxing on the pebble beach below.


Ceibwr Bay

Distance from Bluestone: 26.3 miles

A spot of undeniable wild beauty, Ceibwr Bay offers a unique, secluded view into Pembrokeshire’s coast. Tucked away in a narrow inlet, the bay is accessible via the picturesque village of Moylegrove. Shingly and pebbly with a little sand, and even a sighting of the odd porpoise, a jaunt along the cliffs before settling in for sundown is unique coastal experience.


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