Meet the Bwbach Bunch

Every year our scarecrows return to Bluestone for our Bwbach Festival – a celebration of all things autumnal. You’ll find them dotted all over the resort, so keep a close eye out!

The cast constantly changes from year to year, and this year we've got some amazing new faces!


Meet The New Arrivals


This year we've welcomed a whole new group of recruits to resort to help celebrate the Bwbach Festival, and we think you’ll love them just as much as we do. They’ll be moving in from September to the end of October, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for them, and our old favourites, during your stay. Here are just a few of the new faces you can expect to see.


1. Robin Hood and Maid Marian

From Sherwood Forest to Bluestone’s ancient woodland, the legendary Robin Hood and his leading lady will be calling our resort home for the next few weeks. As a master bowman we expect Robin to have a few goes at least on the Archery course, we wonder if he’ll get a bullseye?



2. The Hipster

He’s grown a trendy beard and wears sunglasses even in the rain, expect our resident hipster to spend his break being ironic, guzzling craft ale at the Knights Tafarn, and posting moody pictures with profound captions to his Instagram.

Don't be fooled though, he's not as serious as he looks and will love a cuddle if you see him!

3. The Pilot

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Almost, it’s our aviation fan – the Pilot. Always up, up, and away, make sure to get a picture with him on one of his brief visits to the ground. He's had a few months off this year, so is enjoying some downtime with us. He is hoping to get his wings back in the air soon though and might even ask you to be co-pilot!


4. The Nurse

Our resort hero, this nurse does the most important job in the world – taking care of us all! We’re very excited she decided to take a well-earned rest at Bluestone this autumn, where she is looking forward to putting her feet up and enjoying time in her lodge. Remember to give her a cheer when you see her. 


5. The Cowboy

Howdy, it’s our very own king of the Pembrokeshire prairies, The Bwbach Cowboy.

It's been busier than ever this summer out West, so he's tied his horse up and is ready for some fun! He'll be hitting the Steep Ravine most days and is planning to become a master of the Sky Wires and High Ropes course.

Not one for sleeping inside, he prefers camping out in the meadow under the stars, where he can keep an eye on his herd. Listen out at night and you may even hear him singing around the campfire.


6. Hippy Bwbach Scarecrow

Totally chilled and filled with peace and love, it’s no surprise the Hippy Scarecrow is attracted to Bluestone – where he loves to enjoy the tranquillity of the forest. Make sure to flash him a peace sign when you see him!


7. Captain Bwbach

Arrrghhh Matey, Captain Bwbach has anchored his ship just off the Pembrokeshire coast and has made a rare trip ashore for a break with us land lovers. Expect to spot him near the lake where he’ll be having fun on the water for a change. While he’s with us he’ll be recruiting a top-notch crew for his next voyage, so make sure to impress him with your best “aye, aye captain”.


8. Green Fingers Bwbach

There’s nothing this Bwbach loves more than spending the day pottering in the garden, and he’s hoping to spend all his time outside with the flowers this autumn. His favourite thing about the season is the woodland changing to red, yellow, and gold so expect he's excited to head down to the Nature Trail and enjoy the colours.



9. Y Ddraig Goch

Wales is the land of dragons, but don’t worry this fire-breather is a friendly one. He’s spent most of the summer in the Snowdonia National Park, where he’s been soaring over the mountains and enjoying the peace and quiet. 

We’re very happy he’s decided to spend autumn with us, so make sure to give him a big “Croseo” when you see him, so he knows he’s welcome.


10. Sunflower Bwbach

This sunny lady never lets anything get her down and radiates pure gold. It’s impossible not to smile when you see her, try it when you’re on the resort and we bet that frown gets quickly turned upside down.


11. Pumpkin Head

Of course, it wouldn't be Bwbach if we didn't have one of our friendly pumpkin friends roaming the resort. This young lady loves everything spooky, scary, and anything that goes bump in the night. She can't wait to celebrate Halloween and is hoping this year will be a spooktacular celebration!


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