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Myths and Legends Festival

COVID-19: All of our Myths and Legends plans are subject to Welsh Government restrictions, and as such may not be able to go ahead on your break as advertised. If you want to know what's on during a specific time period, please contact us directly, or check our dedicated page on COVID-19 restrictions.



Calling all pirates, wizards, and warriors! Join us from 25th March to 14th July 2022 for swashbuckling adventures and tales from the forest, land, and sea at our Myths and Legends Festival. The last year hasn't been the easiest, so here's your chance to enjoy a bit of pure escapism as you get lost in a world of Celtic warriors, chivalric knights, medieval fair, and Welsh folklore.  Here's what to expect on your visit. 




Your Journey Begins Here

Hear ye, hear ye! It's time to return to Bluestone for another season of mighty myths and luscious legends. The spirit of the season starts even before you arrive at your lodge, with banners and decorations adorning your arrival.

On your arrival, you'll be given a quest sheet to help you complete your Myths and Legends journey. The parchment will include a map of Bluestone with details of what you can enjoy at the festival. Once you've got these, you'll be ready for your adventure!




The festival encompasses all areas of Bluestone, and during your break, you'll be able to enjoy them all. We recommend starting in the ancient woodland, where spring has brought to life some of Pembrokeshire's most famous stories.



Legends of the Forest 


Bluestone's ancient woodland is filled with secrets and amongst the sounds, sights, and beautiful wildlife this spring you'll find a few legends too. We'll be introducing you to some of our best-known heroes and villains as you walk in their footsteps along our Nature Trail.

They'll be a chance to enjoy some of our most famous, dastardly, and wickedest local tales, as well as learn the exciting stories behind our very own medieval ruins - Newton Church and Castell Coch.




Did you know? Narberth and the surrounding area, which includes Bluestone, is deeply ingrained in Welsh folklore and is mentioned several times in the Mabinogion, Wales' collection of ancient tales.

In one of the stories, Pwyll Pendefig Dyfed (Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed), holds his court in Narberth, so we're not exaggerating when we say Bluestone is a magical land. Speaking of the land, your next stop should be our wonderful resort, where action and adventure will be waiting for you.



 Legends of the Land


Away from the mystery of the woodland, and under Serendome's magical roof we'll be celebrating the age of knights and heroes, with our own medieval market. Here you'll be able to sample delicious dishes and snacks at our medieval stalls, with a few sweet treats thrown in too.




Myths and Legends Workshop

You can also take part in our craft workshop, where, with the help of some of our crafty knights you can create your own medieval costume. Made using recycled materials, it's upcycling with a twist!
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Become a warrior

Pembrokeshire has seen many battles down the ages, from warring Celts to invading Vikings, and rival kings!

Learn the combat skills they would have used in battle, (though now we just play for fun), including archery and axe throwing.




Legends of the Sea


Pembrokeshire's legendary past doesn't stop at the coast! From mermaids to infamous pirates, and even invasions, our 183-miles of coast has seen some action over the centuries and even created some legends of its very own. We'll be celebrating at the Blue Lagoon Water Park, where you can splash, slide and swim in our subtropical oasis.




Little Sprinkles of Magic

It's going to be a slightly different Myths and Legends experience this year, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun. Once you arrive, you'll be able to enjoy surprises, little extras, and pop-up activities that add to your experience as you enjoy a real break away from it all.

All elements of our festival are within COVID-19 guidelines and we've worked hard to make sure you feel safe and secure, without compromising on the Free Range fun!




A legendary past on your doorstep

Our festival is inspired by the fascinating and exciting history of Bluestone and Pembrokeshire, and there's so much of it you can still see and enjoy today. With castles, ancient ruins, and monuments that have become shroud in folklore and legends, it's a magical place where the past really does come alive.



Experience Myths and Legends


The Myths and Legends Festival includes a mix of complementary and paid activities and is available to enjoy on every break during the spring and early summer. Find out what else you can enjoy when visiting at this time.


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