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Myths and Legends Festival

Calling all pirates, knights, and warriors! Step back in time, uncover epic tales and the enchanting history of Bluestone during the Myths and Legends Festival. Join us from 26th March to 15th July for swashbuckling adventures and tales from the forest, land, and sea.


Myths and Legends Journey



Myths and Legends Journey 2021

2021's journey will take you on an adventure across the resort as you discover the Legend of the Forest, Legends of the Land, and Legends of the Sea.




The Legends Trail

In our ancient woodland, you'll take a walk back in time as tales from Wales' mythical past come to life.

Discover local legends and stories as you follow the footsteps of the past, including the history behind our very own medieval ruins - Newton Church and Castell Coch - as well as tales from larger-than-life, and magical figures of Welsh folklore.




Legends of the Land

The Knights of Arkley will return for another year, bringing the chivalric and heroic antics to our Myths and Legends Festival.

There's also all the action on the Tournament Field, where our archery and axe throwing activities give you a chance to learn combat sports of warriors, used down the centuries right here in Pembrokeshire.


Legends of the Sea

Pembrokeshire's coast has been the site of many a dastardly tale over the centuries and during your stay, you can enjoy tales of Pembrokeshire's famous Welsh pirate, Captain Bartholomew Roberts, and the magical Merfolk of Marloes, as you enjoy a dip in the balmy waters.



New Activities for 2021

Expect a host of new activities to enjoy at the resort. While details are top secret at the moment, we'll be unveiling an array of complimentary and paid-for activities for the whole family to enjoy.



Accommodation Extras

Carry on the spirit of the season back to your accommodation and transform your lodge or cottage into your very own medieval castle, with our Myths and Legends themed extras.

As well as craft deliveries, we'll be offering banquet-inspired takeaways and hampers. More details will be announced soon!



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Our Myths and Legends Festival is inspired by the fascinating and exciting history of Pembrokeshire, and there's so much of it you can still see and enjoy today. With castles, ancient ruins, and monuments that have become shroud in folklore and legends, it's a magical place where the past really does come alive.


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