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Myths and Legends Festival

Ahooooooooy there shipmates, wizards, knights and warriors! It’s all hands on deck for another Myths and Legends extravaganza.

Gather your best crewmates and celebrate the joy of spring with swashbuckling adventures, spellingbinding experiences and legendary tales (from the forest, land, and sea!) 

Discover all the heists, treasures and quests we’ve got in store for you during 2024!   


Your journey begins.. 

Hear ye, hear ye! It's almost time to plan your Spring adventure. We will be returning with our Myths and Legends breaks in 2024, with a variety of exciting shows and activities for all of your little pirates, mermaids and knights to enjoy. We will update you with all of our magical events shortly, but for now, take a look at some of the swashbuckling fun we had during Myths and Legends 2023...



Adventures for your crew..


Treasure Islands Show

An interactive experience as some of the high seas most daring Captains compete for adulation, whilst mysteries of the sea reveal themselves.

Our spectacular Treasure Islands show returned at the Cloud Theatre in the Serendome.


Mermaid School

Over at the Blue Lagoon, marine magic made its way into the water park.

The Mermaid School for aspiring merfolk - Little mermaids and mermans got the chance to don one of our special monofins while the instructors helped them to become at one with the water.


Pirates of the Blue Lagoon

High sea hijinks are also in store as the Pirates of the Blue Lagoon return to Bluestone.

With games, interactive fun, mischievous swashbucklers, and denizens of the deep, this is the Blue Lagoon like you’ve never seen it before!


Buccaneer Bootcamp

At the swashbuckling Serendome we had our Buccaneer Bootcamp, where guests were invited to join Black Bart’s crew and learn the ways of the pirate life, before setting off in search for treasure.



Smokey Joe's Shindig!

Not to be missed - a foot stomping, crazy dancing, evening of toe-tapping entertainment, and delicious food at Camp Smokey.


Legends Trail

Our ancient woodland trail, filled with tales of mystery, fantasy, and legend! Steeped in myth and magic, Welsh legends emerge when you explore our Legends Trail.


Tafl Games

Including duels against Black Bart and his motley crew of boisterous buccaneers in a series of Tafl Games. With Barrell Rolling, Hay Toss, Tug of War and much more!


Discover more.. 

The Myths and Legends Festival includes a mix of complimentary and paid activities and is available to enjoy on every break during the spring and early summer. Find out what else you can enjoy when visiting at this time! 


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