We Are Nature

Here at Bluestone National Park Resort, we’re bringing things back to basics for 2022. Our resort, nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire, is your escape from the everyday.

A place where you can switch off from the outside world, spend time with those you love, and realign yourself with the natural world. It’s these precious moments that will last a lifetime.




We Are Nature: Behind the inspiration



We crawl, we walk, we run

We crawl.

Stunning coast crawls around us here in Pembrokeshire and the sand and the sea is calling as you have your choice of visiting any one of 11 Blue Flag beaches in Pembrokeshire.

We walk.

With miles of ancient countryside, that has a tale to tell with each footfall, the Preseli Hills are waiting for you to discover them.

We run.

Pembrokeshire is known for it's surf. And whether you're running toward that gentle swell or a thrilling ride, the sea provides as you look for that perfect moment on the water.



We fly, we fall, we break

We fly.

Look up into the night when in Pembrokeshire and you'll see stars beaming across the sky. Real life magic flying above your head.

We fall.

Braced against the sea stands cliff and coast surrounding Pembrokeshire. Dive through the air whilst braving the Blue Lagoon or traverse wild rock on a Pembrokeshire coast adventure.

We break.

Islands of adventure are to be found off-shore. Take a day trip to Ramsey Island and see dolphins and other marine life break the surface of the water around you.



We rage, we cry, we learn

We rage.

When children visit Bluestone, we want it to be as if they're setting out on their very own adventure. Warriors, wizards, mermaids, magic and more, there's so much to do and see for youngsters at Bluestone.

We cry.

There's no better place for family fun. We're your home away from home, where you can create moments to last a lifetime with those you love most.

We learn.

Looking after nature and our surroundings is a cornerstone of what we do. A visit to Bluestone is a chance to relax and have fun, but also to connect with and learn about the world around us, and how to take care of it.


We heal, we dream, we rise

We heal.

A Bluestone break is about taking time for yourself, and for the ones you love. Letting the world outside melt away, as you spend time with those people that matter most.

We dream.

A Bluestone break is what you make of it. Whether that's adventure or relaxation, land or sea, the summer sun or cosy winter nights, you can make your dream holiday a reality here at Bluestone.

We rise.

What better way to get out of bed than in a luxury woodland lodge, refreshed and ready to start a day of exploring all that Bluestone and the beautiful county we find ourselves in has to offer.





Reimagined adventures

We're always reinventing ourselves and evolving at Bluestone, and are always looking at how we can create the best experiences for our guests no matter what.

We've adapted activities that are old favourites, and even created brand new ones, so that has times change, the fun to be had at Bluestone is never lost.



Something to look forward to


Your time away is precious, so make the most of it in 2022 with an unforgettable break at our wonderful Bluestone Resort.

We invite you to use our special corner of Wales to reconnect and get inspired.




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