Film and Fun Night

Ages   4 - 10
2 hrs 30 mins Session

Join us at the Free Ranger’s Film and Fun Night and you’ll get the chance to watch a movie, make friends, and have fun along the way too. There's nothing like a night at the movies with friends and by the end of the night, you'll be surrounded by a whole group of new ones. We start with a game so everyone can get to know each other, and then it's time to settle in for the big screen showing! 

Taking place in The Hive, the unaccompanied activity is a great chance for children to enjoy some freedom during their break and relax in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. 


Did you know?

Treat Yourself

The Well Spa is open late on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Book in for some 'me' time whilst the children enjoy Film and Fun Night!

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