Santa's Workshop

All Ages
Paying adult required
40 mins Session

Enter the very special world of Santa’s Workshop.

A sparkling experience the whole family can enjoy, you'll be taken on a festive journey where you'll discover the secrets behind Santa's magical workplace and meet the twinkly-eyed man himself.

The first stop is the Creation Station, the elves' favourite place because this is where the magic happens! Here you will make your very own Jolly Ginger Teddy, the star of our Christmas tale, who you can take home with you.

Once your toy is ready, it's time to move onto our second stop and meet the man behind all the magic - Santa Claus. After welcoming everyone into his very special workshop and asking you to get comfortable, he’ll read you the tale of the Jolly Ginger, a magical gingerbread. He'll even give you a copy to take home at the end! 

A wonderful experience for the whole family to enjoy, there will be festive treats for grown-ups too!

The essentials


Adults and children over two are required to pay for the session. One adult can accompany up to two children.

Infants (children under two) and are welcome to come to the workshop with their families free of charge, but they won't receive the toy made in the workshop. If you would like them to take part in the workshop and receive a toy, please book a place as a child, to avoid disappointment on the day.