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Renewable Energy

We realise Bluestone is a big energy user and we take efficiency very seriously. In order to offer a world-class holiday destination, we need to provide lots of exciting opportunities for guests to have an incredible time here in west Wales.


Our commitment to the visitor experience means that we use a lot of energy. We have a Water Park, 350 accommodation units, an indoor activity centre, 165 electric vehicles keeping guests' cars off-site, and many eateries, all using large amounts of energy. The efficient management of these resources is crucial to our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and our energy bills.

Blue Lagoon Water Park and our Phase 3 Lodges are heated by Biomass. The feed crop is grown on local farms supporting the local farming community and employment in Pembrokeshire.



Bluestone is proud to have a visitor experience that is able to attract guests from across the UK to choose not to fly to distant shores in order to have the holiday of a lifetime. To staycation at Bluestone is a genuine alternative to a short-haul holiday in neighbouring mainland Europe.

If you are looking for beautiful beaches, rolling hills, long days, fun nights, and a guarantee that you can have family fun at any time without being rained on... then Bluestone is for you. Guests can help reduce their Carbon Footprint by choosing not to fly, but the UK tourism sector must give them the highest quality experiences to encourage them to do so.


The Serendome


The inclusion of our new magnificent Serendome is proof of our commitment to providing a unique UK based holiday experience rain or shine. The biggest umbrella in the UK keeps you dry while the beautiful Welsh rain nourishes the lush and green landscape ready for your next excursion into the Pembrokeshire National Park and beyond.

We believe Bluestone is a real alternative to flying and supporting the UK Government's drive to reduce Carbon Emissions by 80% by 2050.


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